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Implant Removal Technique and What Doctor?

I have done the silicon implant surgery in my nose 19 years ago. I am wondering which symptom suggested to removal the implant or to see the doctor ? Also, if I have the... READ MORE

Can silicon implant in nose cause headache and dizziness?

During jogging I find a lot of mucus in my nose, could it be a sign of my implant going bad or sinus inflammation(I have sinus inflammation )?thanks. READ MORE

How Long Will a Silicon Implant In Nose Last?

How long will a silicon implant in nose last? Can the nose get back to the original shape after removal of the implant? How long does it take to recover after the removal?thanks. READ MORE

Will Insurance Cover Problems Caused By Silicon Implant?

I want to have my nose checked out by the ear, nose and throat doctor for the headache and mucus problem possibly caused by sinus inflammation but I wonder generally if the... READ MORE

Insurance Coverage For Sinus Inflammation of Nose?

I want to check the sinus inflammation problem of my nose by the doctor not the plastic surgeon because I feel headache and nose pain sometimes. I am wondering if the problem... READ MORE

How Long Should I Wait Before Rebuilding the Nose After Removal?

I want to have my implant in my nose removed but i am wondering how long should I wait for rebuilding( either by silicon again or the body tissue )after the removal? I heard... READ MORE

Should I Go to See the Plastic Surgeon First?

I feel dizzy and headache quite often recently and I feel my nose a bit pain and lot of mucus from my nose as well. Since I have the sinus inflammation and also I have done the... READ MORE

The Symptoms of the Implant Extruding?

I have the silicon implant surgery done many years ago. I just wondering what is the symptoms of the silicon implant extruding? If I know I have some symptoms of extruding then... READ MORE

The Symptoms of Extruding of the Silicon Implant of the Nose?

I am wondering what is the symptoms of the extruding of the silicon implant of the nose?I have the silicon implant surgery done long time ago in my nose. I do not know if the... READ MORE

Extruding of the Silicon Implant in the Nose?

I have worried about the silicon implant in my nose for a while because my nose gets red, pain from time to time especially when it is very hot but the redness and pain is only... READ MORE

Could the Nose Implant Cause Running Nose?

Every time after I run for a while, I get some liquid which is very clear like water come from my nose so it can be the problem caused by the implant in my nose or just the... READ MORE