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40E to Hopefully a C! - California, CA

I have wanted a breast reduction/lift for practically my entire adult life. But it was always something that I didn't think could/would happen for some reason. After having several female-related surgeries, I swore I wouldn't do surgery again. But now I find myself on the verge of a reduction, and scared!It's the morning after. Still in hospital. Doing ok... percocet does nothing for me, so... READ MORE

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How Does the Breast Reduction Surgery Differ for Low Density Vs. High Density Breasts?

I am 45yo with sagging, 40E breasts which cause neck pain, shoulder pain, and headaches. My mammogram tech always tells me I have the best breasts for mammos cause they are... READ MORE

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Anyone get sick before surgery??? I'm facing possible SECOND postponement!!

I was scheduled for last week, and came down with flu a few days before.  Although I felt better, when I saw the surgeon on the day of surgery, I was cancelled since I was... READ MORE

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Meant "blood work" READ COMMENT

HCG is not just controversial- it is downright unsafe. FDA says to stay away, and you can read Mayo clinic's take on it if you'd like. I have a friend who did it... had side effects and blood works shows some organ issues. READ COMMENT

Geret14, glad to hear day 2 was better! My day two was worse, cause I did more! Got some swelly boobies going on right now! Yes, take some time.. 1/2 days, whatever you can do. You are back early IMO. I know that all women heal... READ COMMENT

Cindy1008, partial collapse of lung can happen after surgery. It is not super common, but not uncommon either. it is called Atelectasis- you can look it up. It is not a full collapsed lung, and doesn't cause major symptoms- perhaps... READ COMMENT

Betherss, The only thing that worked for me was Phillips Milk of Magnesia ( a saline-type of laxative). I would only use it when I am home (ha ha- we are all home after surgery, right?) I had to take the maximum dose twice in the... READ COMMENT