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Are There Any Drs in Sydney Aust Who Perform Aptos Thread Lifting?

Generally, how long does the effect of 'lifting' last? Does it create collagen? Are people generally happy with the effect it produces? Is there a Sydney doctor experienced in... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty and Hyalase?

I underwent my 3rd rhinoplasy op. It took 4 hours. I am 5 weeks post op. My operation involved the use of rib cartilage to straighten the ridge and align the tip. I have formed... READ MORE

Hyalase in Rhinoplasty, Used Other Than Dissolving Fillers?

I recently underwent my 3rd rhinoplasty op. I am 6 weeks post op. Rib cartilage was used to rebuild the ridge of my nose and straighten my tip. I have formed a lump along the... READ MORE

Will tissue damage be restored after cortisone injection post rhinoplasty?

I am 8 months post-rhinoplasty. I was given 2 cortisone injections. One, at the root of the nose to reduce the swelling. 6 weeks after the injection, an indentation appeared... READ MORE

Can extensive rib cartilage be removed from the nose 1 year post op? What are my options? Though crooked, I had a small nose.

The surgeon was able to straighten the nose using cartilage from my rib. Unfortunately, I have ended up with a large and bulky nose. I can feel the bulk of cartilage along the... READ MORE

Can blepharoplasty cause fat atrophy in the cheek area of the face?

I had blepharoplasty 1 year ago. The 'bags' under the eyes were corrected and the skin smoothed out remarkably well. However, I noticed that my facial features altered -... READ MORE

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Your nose, after the third op, looks great! Compare it to (after) the first op and the difference is quite substantial. Front-on, your nose has narrowed and looks more refined. We can focus heavily on one feature and the small, minor... READ COMMENT

Oh, your nose looks beautiful. It really compliments your features which are, as you noted, delicate. It's going to look even better over time. It's wonderful hearing of success stories like yours. READ COMMENT