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Surgery in dr on August 27. Duran yilly cabral

I haven't chosen a doctor or date yet. But decided to get this started so that I can keep track of the information I find and receive information from you ladies as well. I have the same story as most. A horribly shaped backside, broad shoulders... And I'm shaped like a triangle. I am 5'8 195 lbs.... All of my friends don't just have big a$$es they have DONKS! And it's about... READ MORE

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Can I Get A Brazilian Butt Lift in Ny or Nj, for Under 7000? (photo)

Brazilian Butt Lift in Ny or Nj, for Under 7000. With at Least 1100 Ccs in Each Cheek and a Lot of Lipo to Full Back and Stomach. Any board certified plastic surgeons in the ny... READ MORE

Are Massages Required After Liposuction? if So, Why? if Not, Why Not?

I feel like massages after lipo are bad because you are rubbing scar tissue. Why would one rub scar tissue? be it fat or not. rubbing scar tissue causes more scarring. If i had... READ MORE

Will I Have Saggy Skin After Lipo? (photo)

A doctor's assistant recently tried to pressure me into spending money on a tummy tuck because she says my skin is currently saggy and will be even more saggy after liposuction... READ MORE

Why is Surgery So Much Cheaper Outside of the Us (In DR and Mexico)?

I just do not understand why surgery is so much cheaper outside of the US. Why is it? Is it a lower overhead? Cheaper materials ? The difference in price is so enormous that I... READ MORE

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Hi boo. How was it sleeping on your stomach with a tummy tuck ? Was there any pain? How many days post op were u in that pic of u laying on your stomach. The doc did his thing on ur body READ COMMENT

R u not posting pics cuz ur dissatisfied with ur results ? Just curious. I'm considering Duran and wanted more perspectives before I finalized my decision. Surg is Tuesday READ COMMENT

I will b there on the 26 of aug READ COMMENT

Yily is gonna fix u right up boo! READ COMMENT

Get ur hemo levels checked boo. Are u on an antibiotic ? When u get a chance please post your tummy without garment. My stomach hangs similar to yours did before and I would like to see how yours looks after lipo READ COMMENT