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Typical Asian Nose - Chicago, IL

My first PS, ever! I am excited about making this big change, but nervous about communicating my expectations well to him since I know communication is key in a successful rhinoplasty. I am seeking the typical asian nose job with alar/tip/bridge changes. I am getting less busy and hope to speak with him more soon :) A week till my surgery! Preop wise, I think I've covered my bases. I cut... READ MORE

Questions from emeraldp

Looking for a ENT Rhinoplasty Surgeon in the Midwest? (photo)

Hi, I've wanted to get asian rhinoplasty where I would like to narrow my nostrils (my nose spreads out when I smile), a dorsal augmentation (I have little to no height with my... READ MORE

Making Sure Rhinoplasty Surgeon and I Are on the Same Page? (photo)

I have chosen a rhinoplasty surgeon for my surgery next month. He looks great on paper, but he doesn't really have the personal touch. When I speak with him to ask him... READ MORE

Dry and Swollen Nose 3 Mos. After Rhinoplasty? (photo)

During the day, I am always sniffling. At night, I can barely breathe unless I moisten my nose with Ayr spray. I mouth breathe, snore and most nights it has that distinct... READ MORE

Kenalog injections six months postop? (photo)

I received my surgery at the end of May. My nose is oily, thick-skinned. When I first got my cast taken off, my nose was very crooked and asymmetrical. The dr. injected me w/ a... READ MORE

How much does it cost to get teeth filed in NYC? (photo)

I've had braces in the past so my teeth are straight, but I used to grind my teeth in college. As a result, a few of my front teeth are uneven and I'm looking to get it filed... READ MORE

2.5 years post rhino and still have asymmetrical nose and scarring from alar base reduction (Photo)

After the removal of the cast in the doctor's office in 2013, my tip was still big and profile looked different on both sides. After that, I had 4 kenalog injections, an in... READ MORE

Is there a way to fix a droopy, crooked tip without going under the knife again? (Photo)

I had a rhinoplasty almost three years ago. It's been a long process marked with lots of little procedures to get to where I wanted to be (the surgeon was too conservative.)... READ MORE

Had rhinoplasty 3 years ago, and it's still flawed. Surgeon doesn't recommend revision rhinoplasty. Is that common? (Photo)

After my 1st rhinoplasty, my nose was crooked and he didn't build out my bridge enough, which he admitted. I went back 5-6 times for fillers, steroid injections, etc. It has... READ MORE

Unhappy with my nose, 3 years post-op. Doctor won't tell me what he did wrong, how do I fix this and what do I do now? (Photos)

I had my rhino 3 years ago for my bulbous tip and no bridge. Afterwards, I saw that he barely touched my bridge and my tip was very crooked. I came back 5-6 times to have... READ MORE

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It's okay, my review is more like a diary thing. Sometimes I forget I'm writing to a wider audience at times lol. That's great about Dr. Shah's results for you. My swelling is awful right now and I start working next week again. I don't... READ COMMENT

Thanks Matilda! He's really known for natural and subtle results which is what I was hoping to accomplish from my rhinoplasty. I'm also hoping that my nose will turn out well! Fingers crossed! READ COMMENT

What a wonderful Christmas present to yourself ;) I'm so happy that you're getting it done, and you're coming at it with such real expectations. I brought in a few photos that I wanted my nose to resemble, but I know it wasn't the... READ COMMENT

You are so beautiful! You were gorgeous before your rhino, but you look so happy afterwards as well :) So happy you've had a successful rhino and an even better recovery! READ COMMENT

Your nose looks really good, it looks so different each day when the swelling subsides :) READ COMMENT