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Dr. Salama OR Dr. Baez...WHO'S BETTER?

I'm torn between these 2 doctors. I've already paid my deposit for Salama BUT thinking about letting someone else take my place since I've been seeing Dr. Baez results. The only thing is I'm afraid to travel to the Dominican Republic alone. I've seen several reviews for Dr. Salama and while he does good work, I've seen alarming reviews that multiple girls are having a LOT of dimpling in... READ MORE

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How Many Cc's of Fat Can Be Transferred into the S at 1 Time (1procedure)? Is 2000 Cc's Possible?

If a person has enough fat, is this possible? Also in lbs. how much would 2000cc's would that be? I know more would be harvested but if the desired amount to be transferred how... READ MORE

How is it possible not to sit on a plane or while taking a bm after BBL surgery?

I read somewhere to cut out the bottom of a folding chair to do to the bathroom??? I have a pic but still don't see how to leave the edge. Also, I can't lay down my entire... READ MORE

I have anemia and as of now it is a 7.3. I am scheduled for a bbl in mid February. What can I do to boost it by then?

I changed my eating habits and eating lots of spinach daily, yet my levels are low due to hemorrhaging with heavy menstrual cycles. My GYN put me on a 3 month birth control... READ MORE

Is there a way to percent fat necrosis after a bbl? Also what causes denting or dents after a bbl?

I've seen this & it's scaring me to where I'm considering canceling my surgery :-/ READ MORE

How do you not sit but still make bowel movements after BBL surgery?

This is a weird question to ask but I'll ask anyway...OK so after surgery you're not supposed to sit. What can you do if you had to make a bowel movement? When I have the... READ MORE

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What are your current measurements? Have you lost anymore volume? READ COMMENT

Did your scar* widen? Or was it always that width fresh outta surgery? READ COMMENT

1. Where'd you get that bad ass dress. .. 2. How'd you avoid damaging your bbl results since you couldn't lay on your stomach? ... 3. Do you have any up close pics of your tummy tuck scar healed now please? READ COMMENT