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Thinking of Having Miceo Needling - England, UK

I'm thinking of having micro needling done, most likely dermapen, has anyone had any good experience in Emgland. If so please recommend clinic and share your experiences. I have done intensive research on the matter and know for definite that the procedure does work bt just want to make sure I go to the right person and of course don4get over charged. I had my first dermapen session 2 days... READ MORE

Opinions Do You Think my Tip His Developing Scar Tissue - England

This was my second surgery with my surgeon, but third surgery overall. after my second surgery my tip developed scar tissue and and caused tip and columella to drop. So I needed a revision to correct that. So now I am feeling very anxious about the fact that my nose may develop scar tissue again even though my surgeon tells me I have done a lot of work on your tip so scar tissue should not... READ MORE

Questions from Emilly1314

What Does a Surgeon Mean when Saying Your Tip is Buckled?

I was told at a consultation that my tip is buckled, what does that exactly mean, I would have asked him but had to take in a lot of info in on that day and was a bit flustered. READ MORE

Is My Nose as Straight As is Can Get? (photo)

Please give me your opinion on my nose, considering revision rhinoplasty, as you will be able to see from the photos my septum is deviated. It was previously straightened, and... READ MORE

What caused my nose to go like this? Healing of open scar after cut the second time? (photo)

Some things that needed correcting for profile were tip rotation, tip shape and hanging columella. A tip extension graft was put in and a columella strut using ear cartiallge... READ MORE

Open procedure is done a second time. Was the incision made over previous incision? Can this increase the chances of scarring?

Minor revision of my secondary RP, my bridge needs small bump removed and some filling. Open procedure may be required because my tip rotation had dropped as well as columella... READ MORE

4 days post op Revision Rhinoplasty, my left nasal is still bleeding. Any suggestions?

I had a revision RP 4 days ago. However my left nasal is still bleeding..dripping not gushing keep changing drip bad 3x a day. But it still is quite a bit for being post op 4... READ MORE

Does Rhinoplasty cause facial trauma?

Since I've had rhinoplasty my facial cheeck bones appear mote flat, well whole face kind of looks flat. Can RP cause this to happen. After my first revision RP i even noticed... READ MORE

Do you think I am developing scar tissue below tip area? (Photo)

This was a revision surgery after having developed scar tissue around tip area and columella dropping, hence tip dropping. I have been told i can have steroid injection if scar... READ MORE

Which foods should I avoid whilst whitening my teeth?

I am currently whitenu g my teeth and to be honest there not even yellow just off white but I would like them to be whiter. I know colured foods such as tumeric, strawberries,... READ MORE

Home Derma Roller brand to use?

There are so many derma rollers out there, I am a bit skeptical of buying one that may do more harm to my skin than good. Can you advise of good quality brands please? READ MORE

Third septo-rhinoplasty, small tweaks to nose, fixing dropped tip and columella, post op 5 months 3 weeks. (Photo)

Was happy until I noticed grafts coming down at inside of alar rim, this was a gradual change up to now. The contour around this area gave definition my tip which I no longer... READ MORE

Using dermapen at home; can anyone advise me?

I'm a trained dermapen user and tried using it on my own skin, on my face so the pen wasnt facing downwards it was facing horizontal and the glide on gel was getting into the... READ MORE

Dermapen micro needling to address oily, uneven skin with some deep lines under eyes? I'm 30 (Photo)

I had my first dermapen session I had it done less them two days ago and noticed that i now have more wrinkles under my eyes, my forehead and i had rings around my neck that... READ MORE

Recent comments from Emilly1314

Hi there Its really bad that happen to you. I had a dermapen session 6 days ago and all advised precautions post and pre were followed. Only 0.25 was used under the eyes and this has created more wrinkles instead of getting rid of them... READ COMMENT

Hey there, Thanks for your response, I am a bit reluctant about using certail derma rollers, I need to see a micro needling specialist to see what she has to say in response to my questions and then will take it from there. I spoke to... READ COMMENT

Hey it's great to see you got your nose fixed. It looks really nice. But it will change over time. Everyones does, swelling comes down and some deformaties start to appear. Mines I was perfect until 7 weeks post op. It still is a good... READ COMMENT

Your nose looks great, it's such a relief when they get it right. READ COMMENT

Now you all will see the difference better. My nose gradually became like the bottom photo but was initially like the top. READ COMMENT