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Round 2 or Mommy Makeover 2016??????

I'm 33, 5'7 with 4 kids and 183lbs. I have been researching this procedure every since I ran across the site. I have been doing fish oil rubs and lunges. I was in the process of looking for Brazillan Butt Lift videos when I found you all. You ladies rock!!!! There is a lot of information and... READ MORE

Better Smile!

I am looking to get Invisalign within the next couple of months and I'm currently searching for a good ortho in my area. I went to the Invisalign website and got the list of participating dentist but I've only gone on one consult thus far. He's a little pricey but I think that he's really... READ MORE

Breast Reduction

I've been needing to get this done for quite some time but now its time to stop being so chicken and go for it. All my life I've had big boobs and as I've gotten older gravity is taken its toll so its time for me to get these ladies rejuvenated!!! I'm so tired of the back problems and the... READ MORE

Time to Get Tucked!!!!! - Miami, FL

So after months of debating and waiting I finally gave in and decided to get a Tummy Tuck in March 2016. I have had quotes from Dr Fisher and Dr Ortega. I'm currently awaiting a response/quote from Dr Robles and Dr Almonte. I don't have a surgical date set yet because I plan to have it done... READ MORE

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I never had a seroma before with my previous lipo but I have heard that they can be drained or the body will absorb it and its released through your lymphs or something like that so sounds like your surgeon is giving you good advice. I... READ COMMENT

Well wishes. Will be following your journey. READ COMMENT

I most definitely will :) READ COMMENT

Good luck doll. You're gonna look great! Wishing you a speedy recovery. READ COMMENT

Yeah u gotta look em over sis. They're everywhere. Really sad but you can't change the way other people feel about themselves. Some sit and ridicule cause they're unhappy with themselves and feel by tearing down the next person it'll... READ COMMENT