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Hang in there brother! If you do decide to have it removed, go with a picosure laser. It's the best. Also be mentally prepared for a ghost tattoo in it's place, that takes years to fill back in with your regular skin tone. It's... READ COMMENT

I don't have any review on here. I've had only two picosure treatments. But I thinks it's better by a light margin. Maybe one day a real study can be done side by side vs the other lasers to see which is overall better and for which... READ COMMENT

Less blistering than the other lasers. One treatment with picosure so far. More fading with this laser on black ink than the other lasers. It's worth the 4 hour drive in my opinion. READ COMMENT

If your area has the Picosure laser, I recommend you use it. I have a full black tattoo and I've noticed much more fading with it, compared to the Yag or Ruby laser. READ COMMENT

The original spots on your back, are they from trauma to the body or were they always there from birth? READ COMMENT