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I would be make sure there is a physician available to supervise your care. Make sure you never get a tan in your tattoo area as that will HYPO-pigment if you have a laser applied for tattoo removal. This 10 items you should know are... READ COMMENT

I do not use thermage but I use refirme for skin tightening on the face. It does not help sagging. I use it mainly for loose skin over the cheek bones. It requires multiple treatments. If you have sagging skin you really need to... READ COMMENT

I must say I view all studies with a healthy degree of skepticism. Before I look at the satisfaction study, I need to know who did the study and more importantly who paid for the study. What questions were asked? It is well known in... READ COMMENT

I offer Refirme in my practice and waiting for one month between treatments just does not work. The trick is to enhance collagen production and build on it. I offer it weekly or twice weekly. I find that if some body has mild tightening... READ COMMENT

Velasmooth and Velashape are the same machines that are made by Syneron. The difference is that Velasmooth was the first generation and the Velashape is the second generation machine. Velashape has higher energy available in the... READ COMMENT