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Botox - St. Petersburg, FL

Dr Rehnke is wonderful at injections. The only problem is he is so good it's hard to get an appointment with him. Another disappointment is he does not offer juvaderm for the eye hollows. I think he would be wonderful at it, when I asked why he does not do it he says it's because the results don't always turn out the way they are supposed to. Props to him for being honest. READ MORE

He Can't Be Trusted with a Needle, Don't Go to Him for a Knife Procedure - St. Petersburg, FL

I went in with a groupon, which was probably my first mistake. Upon entering the room, a nurse asked me what I wanted done. I told her the furrows between the eye and then I explicitly I told her I liked my high arches and had a previous bad experience with getting botox in the forehead region and my eyes dropping but I was assured since I was not getting injections in my forehead all would be... READ MORE

Restylane - Saint Petersburg, FL

I visited Dr. Kass for my yearly followup/ injection of Restylane for my eye hollows & nasal labial folds. After a brief consultation I informed him that I wanted to have the corners of my mouth upturned so I did not look like I was frowning all the time. He injected both sides of the mouth, moved up to the folds and lastly did the eyes hollows. After I returned home from the procedure... READ MORE

Questions from ForeverandEverYoung

Lipo on neck 6 years ago. Undesired effect surfacing. Can I undergo a revision? (Photo)

I had lipo performed 6 years ago. I was initially happy with the results (not so happy with the long scar Dr made under my chin). Over the past 1.5 - 2 years I have noticed... READ MORE

2 weeks post rhinoplasty: strange lump of "something" inside nostril, what is this? (Photo)

I am 2 weeks post closed rhinoplasty. Inside my nose on both sides there is this hard non moving flesh like lump that is completely annoying and was not there prior to surgery.... READ MORE

Recent comments from ForeverandEverYoung

Go to Tampa Vein and Cosmetic Center. They are Pros and VERY NICE. READ COMMENT

Did you write a review about your experience and rate them? READ COMMENT

It did not need fixing after he dissolved the restylane, my issue with the procedure was the wasted product on the area and then not having enough to put in my original problem area. READ COMMENT

I'm not sure how his star rating is still good with the few negatives. I think it's because he's paying to be on this site. FYI the office offers a discount off your next visit for a positive review on this site and a few others. READ COMMENT

It was dissolved by dr. Kass, with no apologies or offer to fill in the eye hollows which lacked the appropriate amount of filler to make a noticible difference. READ COMMENT