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My goal is an overall thinner nose from bridge to tip - 2 months post op - California, CA

Wow, what a helpful website I stumbled upon. I figured I would post some photos when it's not 4am....can't sleep since thats all I've been doing.... as things come along to help some as I was helped during the past couple weeks of lurking. I've wanted a nose job since I could remember but was always afraid it was too costly, too much down time and frankly, was worried I'd look like a different... READ MORE

Questions from Newnose33

Divot on Right Side of Tip After Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I got my cast off today, so I understand the nose will change shape, swell, ect. I had a boxy tip on my right side that led into a small indentation. After removing the hump,... READ MORE

To Lift with or Without Implant? Doc in SF Bay Area?

Mid 30's, no kids, 36 DD, 5'3' 130lbs, a lot of breast tissue; general doc says "Lumpier than most". Consult in '07 said grade 2 ptosis, a donut lift could suffice and implant... READ MORE

Will a Lollipop Lift Provide a Better/longer Lasting Lift Than Benelli in the Long Run?

Trying to get more upper pole fullness. 36DD. I hear a benelli just moves nipple but not the breast itself?? READ MORE

How Long After Rhinoplasty Will I Know if 3/4 View Bumps Are Really Gone or if It's Just Swelling? (photo)

It feels like bone on upper third sides but i cant imagine it still is since it was to be removed. How long until I know if bone wasn't reduced enough or if it is swelling? READ MORE

Why Do Some Doctors Choose Anchor Lift over Lollipop?

Just had a consult for a straight lift--no implant or reduction-- and dr said I am stage 3 ptosis (36 DD), lots of volume still, and wanted to do an anchor lift. Of course I'd... READ MORE

Lipo out Some Breast Tissue for Small Implant During Lift?

Is it common to lipo out some breast tissue when performing a lollipop or anchor lift and replace it with a similar size implant (around 250cc)? Goal would be to have more... READ MORE

Life Expectancy on New Silicone Implants Behind Muscle?

Possibly looking at a small 250cc silicone implant along with my lift (for some upper pole fullness) but wondering how long they should last? The maintenance is a bit daunting.... READ MORE

Are the Pics on Surgery Table Indicative of Final Results?

Saw my after pic from the OR table and wondering how accurate the pic is to judge a result? At 5 weeks out, the then and now look pretty similar which makes we wonder how much... READ MORE

Residual Bump 6 Weeks Out? (photo)

6 weeks out from open rhino. Bridge was smoothed, as seen in my post op pic from the OR table but I now see my bump back. Same situation with my bump from a 3/4 view...and even... READ MORE

I'm 6 Months Post Op, Will Bridge Bump Ever Go Away? (photo)

I had a small bump shaved down from bridge but it looks like it never went away on the oblique views. At 3 months, my dr said at the 6 month mark my bump would be gone or he... READ MORE

What is the "Quick 10 Minute Procedure" my Dr Mentioned to Rid my Residual 3/4 Bump After Rhinoplasty?

I'm 6 months post op with remaining oblique view bump. It sounds like something other than a full revision that my dr said he could offer, but don't know what it consists of? READ MORE

Hard tip 8 months post op?

I'm 8 months post op and it seems that I am still swollen in the tip and it's also hard and tender if I bump it. Does this sound normal or is it my imagination? READ MORE

Pinched tip after 9 months or is tip just still swollen? (photo)

Had open rhino almost 10 months ago. I had a wide tip with a boxy right side, left side was fine. The boxiness is somewhat better but I'm left with a very noticeable dent which... READ MORE

I've gone up by 2.4lbs since my surgery 3 days ago. Could it be water retention or swelling?

I'm went up and have stayed at +2.4lbs after surgery (3 days ago) and I'm wondering if it is water retention from the IV or maybe the rhino swelling? READ MORE

Recent comments from Newnose33

I just logged on for the first time in many months and happened to recognize you from last year when we were doing our surgeries around the same time. I was in the same boat with a couple little tweaks wanted. I went in for a revision 3... READ COMMENT

Being that the after pics pics have a mole between the eyes that the before doesn't have, I'd say this is clearly not the same person. READ COMMENT

After the cast is removed everything is petty good and set according to my dr. Nasal massage is not for everyone and most drs say no so I def wouldn't do that unless directed. My nose was asymmetrical until about 4 months. I took daily... READ COMMENT

It was a good month before the bruising was gone. The residual bruising of the last week or so seemed to last forever. My tip is still hard and tender and I'm over 5 months post op...surprised how long the healing process is taking!... READ COMMENT

The front is a big difference. Your side view not so much but only because it looks good already. No one can tell that I had it done, not even family, so don't expect them to have a huge input. READ COMMENT