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Wow!! You look great! Your scar is so thin and you don't look swollen at all. Love how he did your bb too. Can't wait to call his office back tomorrow to get my consult scheduled. Thanks for all your advice, it made me even more excited... READ COMMENT

Poffmommy - Have you had your tt? or other consults? I'm in Sarasota too and am interested in three surgeons - Mobley, Kreithen & Adamson. Did you consult with more than one? Would love to hear from others in our area as I don't know... READ COMMENT

Thank you! I will, I was recommended to Dr. Mobley by one of the docs I work for but patient referrals are so much better. This site is very addicting, I love reading everyone's history and pics - so inspiring :) READ COMMENT

I too am in Sarasota and am just now scheduled a consult in May with Dr. Mobley. Did you get more than 1 opinion / quote ? His office gave me a rough quote of $9,000 - $11,000 over the phone. Big difference for the same city. You look... READ COMMENT