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Hi my swelling has been minimal which I am surprised at. I do drink 3 litres of water a day, i think this has helped .( toilet trips are my exercise) I also watch my salt in take, you would be surprise what has salt in. My TT was... READ COMMENT

Hiya I had a no drain no binder TT,MR,HRx2 . .Am 14 days pre op. My swelling is minimal. I Listen to my body & drink 3 litres of water pre day. I really think this has helped with my swelling. Time is the master. Happy recovery..I saw... READ COMMENT

Hi girls am 14 days pre TT,MR,HR &b Bladder, Bowel repair. Am feeling grt standing straight & loving the new me. My ps didn't use drains or binders & used glue.( he told me to buy magic knickers which are so comfortable) I think staying... READ COMMENT

Hi girls/sister, am back had my op 30th Jan, ( H/R, M/R, T/T, Bowel & Bladder repair), thats right all at the same time. I'm sooooo glad I did it this way. I stayed in hospital 5 days. (Praise God), I'm 13 days post op, doing well ps... READ COMMENT

Wow 13 days po( H/Rx2,M/R,T/T,Bladder & Bowel Repair). All will be pleased to know I'm over the worst. Stayed in hospital for 5 nights.(Praise God). I'm walking up right & not in too much pain from tuck., more pain below. Am sooooooooo... READ COMMENT