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Teeth Have Shifted, Invisalign Time - Sacramento, CA

I had braces when I was younger and did not wear my retainer as I should. I clench my teeth at night and wear a night guard. My teeth have shifted and I consulted a dentist for Invisalign. He told me I was a good candidate and that my case was minor. Even though my case is minor, my smile is not what is was. I am excited to begin this journey :) READ MORE

Hoping I Can Have These Two Scars Improved - Sacramento, CA

I have two scars on my forehead I am unhappy with. On the left side of my forehead toward my hairline, I have a indent from an injury as a child. In between my eyebrows I had two chicken pox scars sewn shut in 2009 before my wedding. I had a reaction to the stitch and developed an indent from that. Time has gone by, and I have lost my "baby-fat" in my face. This loss of sub q fat has made... READ MORE

BA 350 CC June 10th with a complication. Healing now though - Sacramento, CA

My surgery is scheduled for 6/10 and I will be 26 on 6/9 :) Happy Birthday to me! I am 5'7 and 125 lbs. Hips: 38, Waist: 27, and Chest: 29. I have had three babies, and breastfed two of them. My pregnancies were all back to back, so I have literally been like a rubber band. I gave up eating meat and most dairy, took up yoga and running, and went from 180-125 in about 7 months. :D I am very... READ MORE

Ugly nose no more, surgery was 9/3 :)

I have always hated my nose. In fact, I remember the exact moment when I was 14 years old that I noticed I had a large nose. Ever since then I have assumed I would fix it at some point. As for my breasts, I am a 32A (if that). All the woman in my family have a larger chest, except for me. I figured out that a perscription that I took from age 7-17 is the reason for my poor breast development.... READ MORE

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Does my Nose Look Like a Complicated Rhinoplasty Case? (photo)

I am getting nervous about my surgery next month. I did not expect my doc to need to break my nose (why, I do not know lol), but he is going too. His plan for my nose is to... READ MORE

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Would love feedback about open rhino procedure-pics attached

I am a 25 year old woman and met with a plastic surgeon today. He is highly recommended in my area and I like the pictures of his work that I have seen. I am on board... READ MORE

I Cancelled my Implants Because of All You Ladies! THANK YOU

I have always been flat chested. 32A, or a 32B with hope ;) I am 25 years old, married to a wonderful man and have a 2 year old and a 8 month old. I should also mention I had a... READ MORE

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I agree, it is crazy how looking back at pics reveals small changes READ COMMENT

Thank you, I hope so too READ COMMENT

Thank you. :) Ya the swelling can distort things for sure. When my cast came off I was in shock and slightly disappointed. How are you liking your nose now? READ COMMENT

Mine went away at around 3 weeks. I also took arnica which may have helped. But I feel like the bruising under my eyes can still be seen sometimes. The sclera of your eye takes a long time to heal. Try putting a moist warm compress on... READ COMMENT

Your nose looks so cute! I know what you mean about the cast and tape making your skin crazy. I was getting blackheads from hell for a week after mine was taken off. I am pretty sure my skin forgot what it was like to not have something... READ COMMENT