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Can People with Graves Disease Still Do Surgery?

I've been suffering with Graves disease for a year now, I want to get rhinoplasty and a lip lift done, however I am worried that the wounds will not heal for me and I will end... READ MORE

Can a Lip Lift Make the Cupid's Bow More Visible?

I'm 18 and my cupid's bow is not very noticeable. Doctors around my area does not offer any procedures for only the cupid's bow. READ MORE

Is Getting a Corner Lip Lift Worth It?

I'm 18 years old and considering getting a corner lip lift done to make my smile look better. Is the scarring bad? READ MORE

Can I Still Harvest Ear Cartilage on my Pierced Ear?

I want to use my ear cartilage for rhinoplasty but I fear that my ear will get infected or a complication will occur. On my left ear I have my inner conch pierced and on my... READ MORE

Any Treatment That Can Lighten Lips?

I am 18, after years of tanning my upper lip has turned from a light red into a dark colour. Even though I use lip stick and other lip products they do not completely cover the... READ MORE

What Are Good Fillers for the Lips?

My cupid's bow isn't very visible, what type of filler should I use for it? READ MORE

How Much Cartilage is Needed for a Taller Nose?

I am of asian and european descent, however I have a short asian nose. I don't want to use implants or my ribs, would my ear catilage be enough to make difference? READ MORE

How Does Fascia Work in Nose Augmentation?

I am interesting in using fascia for my nose augmentation but I am not sure how where it is extracted from and how the procedure is like READ MORE

Can You Still Get Dimpleplasty Even when You Already Have Dimples?

I was born with dimples, they were very noticeable when I was a child now that I'm older now they aren't as deep would it look weird or bad if I got it done? READ MORE

Can Ear Cartilage Grow Back After Being Harvest?

Would it be possible for cartilage to grow back? how does a ear look after the harvest? READ MORE

Can Someone with Graves Disease Have Fillers Done?

I've had Graves disease for 2 years now, my doctor told me that I am recovering, I want to have some fillers done on my lip but I am worried that I would have some negative... READ MORE

Pros and Cons of Brazilian Butt Lift?

I would like to know the risks involved with Brazilian butt lift and the pros and cons READ MORE

Are There Any Botox Alternatives?

I am wondering if there is any thing that has a similar result to botox READ MORE

Can Someone with Hyperthyroidism Have Rhinoplasty Done?

I've been wanting to have rhinoplasty done for a long time now. The only thing holding me back is my hyperthyroid, medication helped my thyroid go hypo but now its back to... READ MORE

Can rib cartilage be used for closed rhinoplasty?

Hi, I am wondering if it's possible to lengthen the nose with rib cartilage through closed rhinoplasty. READ MORE

Can epicanthoplasty be done through just stitches?

Hi, I would like to know if epicanthoplasty can be performed without cutting the skin and can the same effect be achieved by stitching the inner corners. READ MORE

Can people with dry eyes undergo ptosis repair and lid surgery?

I have hooded eyelids and ptosis caused by Graves disease. I since had my thyroid removed and I would like to pursue surgery however, I suffer from dry eyes Is there a way to... READ MORE

Does hair extracted for hair transplantation grow back?

Hello, I would like to know if the hair on the donor area grows back, I've seen scars and bald like spots appear on certain people after hair transplants. What techniques are... READ MORE

Are before and after pictures mandatory?

Hello, I would like to know if before and after photos are absolutely necessary. I will be undergoing cosmetic surgery in the future however, I am not comfortable with the idea... READ MORE

Can the nose bridge be enhanced through closed Asian rhinoplasty?

Hello, I would like to know if I can benefit the height of my nose bridge through closed rhinoplasty. And if ear cartilage is a good choice for this as I am just looking for a... READ MORE

What is Carboxy treatment?

Hello, I would like to know how Carboxy treament works and the pros and cons of the treatment. Thank you. READ MORE

Does alarplasty make nasolabial folds deeper?

Hello, I'd like to know if alarplasty (asian nose) would deepen nasolabial folds, thank you. READ MORE

Can the cartilage taken from septoplasty be reused?

Hello Doctors, I have an asian nose that lacks height. My septum is deviated more to the left and the ENT recommended surgery. I'd like to know if cartilage taken from the... READ MORE

Are there any non surgical procedures for eye bag reduction? (photos)

I am 22 years old and I don't like how large my eyebags are around the outter corner, is there a non invasive procedure that can make them have more shape and smaller? What do... READ MORE

Would Alarplasty compromise my breathing? (Photos)

Hello Doctors, I have wide alars and I want a result similar to when I pinch them together, is this reasonable or will my breathing be affected? Is it possible to get it that... READ MORE

Are PRP results permanent?

Hello Doctors, I lost around 50% of hair from the combination of bad hair dye jobs and Graves disease. I stopped dyeing my hair and had my thyroid removed 3 years ago. My hair... READ MORE

What is the longevity of saline implants?

After 10 years or so do the bags have to get changed or is it just the saline? Thank you. READ MORE

What are the best lip fillers?

What are the most common brands used as lip fillers? Are they all collagen based? Which ones are common for natural and subtle results and which ones are common for big and... READ MORE

How many methods of ptosis repair are there?

Hello Doctors, Is it possible to get good and natural results through the non incisional method? A clinic in Asia is offering ptosis repair both incisional and non incisional,... READ MORE

Is revision alarplasty possible?

Hello, is it possible to reoperate for alarplasty if the nostrils become too narrow and breathing problems occur? Thank you. READ MORE

How safe is ptosis repair? (Photos)

Hello, I am interested in getting my Ptosis corrected but I am concerned of my eyes being too wide and being unable to close my eyes. With your expert opinion do you think the... READ MORE

It seems like more surgeons are vouching for Coolsculpting now. Why is that?

Hello Doctors, initially when Coolsculpting was release alot of surgeons were saying it was just marketing and ineffective. A few more questions I have; how does the frozen fat... READ MORE

The difference between Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty?

Hello Doctors, as the title suggests, what are the differences between Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty? Do they both change the appearance of the nose? Is one more effective than... READ MORE

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Thank you for sharing, do you plan on doing any revisions or skin treatments? It's not just you, there are many patients from ID that got issues from them, I wish you the best and I hope you will be able to find some treatments that... READ COMMENT

Are you asian? You look asian in the picture you took in the mirror READ COMMENT

Did you go to korea as well foryour first rhinoplasty? READ COMMENT