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Chin Lipo and 35% TCA Chemical Peel - Little Rock, AR

I was worried about getting a saggy neck as I aged because the woman in my family tend to have them. I talked to Dr. Devlin about some preventive measures, like maybe needling or a chemical peel. He recommended chin lipo, stating that the small scar it's I would pull up my neck a little and I would have less to sag later. I wasn't expecting much of a difference, but holy cow! I can't wait to... READ MORE

Good Bye Botox Hello Dysport! - Little Rock, AR

I had been getting Botox for about 3 years for my "11's" when I first went to Dr. Devlin. He suggested I try Dysport. I love it! It lasts longer, and people who know have been commenting on how good my forehead looks! People who don't know have been saying I look rested and less stressed! Yay! The second time I went in I basically told the doc to just fix me up and he put some on my 11's, my... READ MORE

Lipo After Tummy Tuck - Little Rock, AR

I had a tummy tuck last August . I love it!,, there were of a couple of things my PS wanted to fix, like a scar revision for a dog ear on my hip. While I was in there I asked how much to lipo my arms, back, and inner thighs. Then after a week of high stress I went to time doc and said lets do all! Then I sat in my car and thought " Holy Crap, what did I just do?! Since this a Tuesday and ... READ MORE

Overweight Tummy Tuck - Little Rock, AR

I have been considering a tummy tuck for 10 years. I have always had a lower "pooch" even before kids. All the women in my family do. But after my youngest son was born it hangs over and very full. I am 5'3 and 168lbs. After my son I weight 213 and lost 50lbs and maintained for 7 years, but two years ago I started gaining. First came boobs, from a B to a D in a couple of months, YAY! Then... READ MORE

Questions from ready1

Sex After TT. During Orgasm (Before Penetration) my Lower Ab Muscles Began to Spasm. Is This Normal? Can It Cause Damage?

I waited 3 1/2 weeks. Prior to actual intercourse, as I was having an orgasm my lower ab muscles began to spasm. It did not hurt. It felt like the spasms I have when I first... READ MORE

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I was wondering if any of you found give suggtions on the healing, after care part. I had my done a few hours ago. Or maybe want you odd that liked? READ COMMENT

I think I got a large. I have a big booty! READ COMMENT

I just had lipo and fat transfer to my breast two days ago! It's not horrible pain but my boobs are hard as rock" anybody know we the are supposed to soften up? READ COMMENT

Oh yes, SHAVE YOURSELF, don't let them do it with a 1980's single blade bic razor! And a hospital bed is a must if you can swing it. I got mine from a place on john barrow. READ COMMENT

Compression garments are the best! I am actually going in on May 8th for a scar revision on my hip and I'm going to have my arms, and back lipo while I'm at it. I should have done it the first time!!! READ COMMENT