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Thank God for Surgery - Salt Lake City, UT

I am only 27 and definitely don't want old lady arms! I lost a lot of weight which resulted in a lot of excess skin. I tried the mini arm lift first which was NOT WORTH IT AT ALL! I'm not sure if that is because my previous doctor was absolutely awful or because it was a mini...I went back to a different doctor and had the full arm lift done and it is amazing! I'm so happy I did it! READ MORE

Botched Breast Aug FIXED!! - Salt Lake City, UT

I had a rough go with my implants. I had to have them redone 4 times. Finding the correct doctor is EVERYTHING! I went to someone who is now retired so I went bother to name him. Two weeks after my procedure I got a hematoma and had to rush to the hospital for surgery. My implants were larger (600-650) and the doctor and I discussed that they needed to be put under the muscle so we could more... READ MORE

Questions from Funny123

I Am Close to 5'7, 170lbs Broad Shoulders and I Have Hips. Is 700cc Too Big?

I am scheduled for 5/15/2013 from my lift and implant.I am torn with the size though.I have one child and I have bad sagging, I then lost 55 pounds, so as you can guess I have... READ MORE

I'm Going in 5/15/13 for my Implant and Lift. I'm Am Very Torn on Size? (photo)

One of my breasts is 50 ccs smaller than the other. I am trying to decide between 600 and 650ccs or 650 and 700 ccs. I have a larger build as you can see in my profile picture,... READ MORE

Is 600/650cc Too Big for Me?

I have went back and forthe on this and have decided in the smaller of my choices. I am 50cc smaller on one side and am going 600 and 650. Now I'm wondering if I'll be too... READ MORE

I Am 5 Days Post Op (Implants,minor Lift) and my Left Breast is Much Higher? (photo)

My right breast has always been larger than my left, so when I decided to do this surgery my doctor told me we could put 50cc more in the smaller breast to help even them out a... READ MORE

Possible Capsular Contracture, but tore through some scar tissue. (photo)

I realized I might have capsular contracture about a month ago. I made an appointment with a surgeon (mine recently retired) and I'm still waiting to get in. I have been... READ MORE

4th breast aug in 18 months wanting opinions. (photos)

1st after losing 75 pounds and breastfeeding went with 600-650 ccs over the muscle(dr and I agreed on under the muscle but he didn't and then lied about it didn't know they... READ MORE

I am considering getting hair transplants. I have a bad widows peak; options? (Photos)

My hairline is bad and I can't pull my hair back. My father has some balding in the back as well and we want to go together! I have had many issues with surgery in the past... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck has changed sex for me, I can't handle deep penetration. Will it be this way forever? (Sorry for being descriptive)

I had a TT about 3 years ago. I am used to having very deep, aggressive sex, but after my tummy tuck I am unable to handle that type of penetration. Is this normal/common? I... READ MORE