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Oops! I meant key words "blotched eyelids". I think by doing a video would be better than just posting pictures. This doctor know who I am cuz the scars he give me is all over the place. My right eyebrow is above 1/2" lower than my... READ COMMENT

Just because you haven't seen any bad posting about doctors doesn't mean they didn't do anything bad in the past. The doctor I went to don't have any until I decided to tell the worth the truth about what he did to my face. I am... READ COMMENT

Well you are lucky you got flat white scar that is not noticeable. I got really bad scars everywhere. I got it from my eyelid crease to both sides of my hair line. I got it inside my eyebrows and above my eyebrows. I got it really... READ COMMENT

Be aware were you go for eyelid surgeries. I got my donea t 27. The doctor I went to give me tons of scars all over my eyes. From my eyelid crease to my right and left hairline. From my eyelid crease to my forehead. My creases are... READ COMMENT

People beware. I also went to a oculoplastic surgeon that didn't have the proper experience. Pick only oculoplatic surgeons that is ceriftied with the academy of oculoplastic field. In order to get into this list, they have to have at... READ COMMENT