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I am 4 days post op , upper blepharoplasty. Is my scar too high above my fold?

My surgeon says that once swelling goes down that the line will come down onto fold. it seems in all my research that the line is cut directly on fold and won't be visible with... READ MORE

MY surgeon recommended Lipodissolve as alternative to lipo on inner thighs. is this method effective?

I have fat/bulge like pockets of uneven fat on lower inner thighs . no classic cellulite problem anywhere else on body. I was recommended lipo dissolve as more effective... READ MORE

I had upper bleph surgery 9 days ago. Is the incision line too high? (photo)

Surgeon insists that lines will move further down into crease when swelling subsides. he extended out past brow on left eye. this eye had more ptosis and fat in corner. is this... READ MORE

20 days post-op have high suture lines, webbing and 1 eye crease more hallowed. When will this go away? (photo)

20 days post op. both suture lines were done above crease and was told would settle down to crease. any specific reason would b done this way?Also have webbing in both eye... READ MORE

Did the removal of too much fat cause the crepiness and crease in my eye?

Hi! 5 weeks post op. my crease in one eye is deeper set and a bit of crepey skin in a small area of the crease. was too much skin/ fat emoved? my ps says that he removed very... READ MORE

6 months post op upper bleph. left eye had inner corner webbing. webbing receded but now indentation is in inner corner. (photo)

Indentation has become more pronounced in last 2 months. does this fill out? if not, how and can it be corrected?? READ MORE

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Crepiness and webbing post op?

Hi! now am 5 weeks post op.  has anyone had skin crepiness on a small area of suture line crease? also would appreciate advice from anyone who had webbing post op and what... READ MORE

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Hi! 5 months post op upper bleph. i too have some weird indentation in one eye corner now more noticeable. like a pot hole! what did your ps say caused this?? READ COMMENT

Hello salspec! i had upper bleph on jan 14. very drawn out recovery process and stressful to say the least!! why did your ps put incisions above crease? i have had very red scar line and scar became widened towards inner nose area on... READ COMMENT

Hi lovely! after reading this it is EXACTLY how i feel ! i too have a red bump at end of extended scar line that was done on one eye. it gets really red on some days and then better on others although 2 months have already passed. my... READ COMMENT

I have webbing in one eye. started a week post op. have been massaging hardened skin tissue as recommended by my ps. am now 2 months post op. a bit better and softer, but still there. has anyone had this post op upper bleph? if so, how... READ COMMENT

Hi! i am 2 months post op. not as easy recovery as i'd thought. my suture lines were above crease post op and i freaked out!! my ps insisted that scar would slowly come down i nto crease when swelling subsides. i thought from... READ COMMENT