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Regretted my Implants, I wanted them out ASAP - UK, and got them out! : )

I haven't been feeling right since my BA operation 10 days ago (not just physically sick). I thought it might be the drugs. In the booklet I have been given it say's patients can become depressed after surgery etc. However I am feeling like I have made the worse decision of my life and feeling very stupid for it. I didnt know I would freak out by having these objects in me. All I have been... READ MORE

Questions from daintygirl

Is Implant Removal/explant More More Complicated After Dual Plane BA?

I have 275cc dual plane BA about a month ago. I hate them I am having them removed in another 2 months. I have been told I have to wait this long before I have another general... READ MORE

I Am Having a Breast Explant Months After Original BA, Will the Scar Heal As well As After BA?

I had 275cc dual plane 5 weeks ago, and haven't liked them since day one. I am having them removed (explant) 3 months after orginal BA date. Does re-opening a scar for removal... READ MORE

Will my Boobs Look Smaller After Breast Explant Than What They Were Originally?

I had 275cc dual plane BA nearly 6 weeks ago. I haven't liked them since day 1. My surgeon will remove them at the 3 month mark but not b4 to give me a chance to get used to... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take You Breasts to Recover, if Your Lucky Retract, Firm/fluff Up After Implant Removal?

I had 275cc partial implants just over 3 months ago, which I hated following a horrible hospital experience. They came out huge on my petite frame. I had them removed 9 days... READ MORE

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Good for you, and you look great. Little changes they will feel firmer everyday. I did the same as you, had mine out 3 months after having them. Best decision for me, and so glad I did it. It took a time but my breasts went back to... READ COMMENT

Hi, really please for you that you are getting somewhere, I have followed your story. I was wondering what the significance of having iron oxide makes? I was wondering if you had to 'hide' after the treatment with the blistering and... READ COMMENT

You look amazing! Well done you. READ COMMENT

Hi Donut1. I am not to far from that area, I was wondering if you could inbox me the details of the lady you went to for the saline solution? Did this remove everything in the end without scarring? Thank you...any help appreciated. X READ COMMENT

Hi there, I just read your story. It's an emotional roller coaster having a BA and even more stressful, if like me you feel you made a mistake. I felt so alone and an emotional wreck. Hang in there, you will get there, you will be... READ COMMENT