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Can Raising Just the Lower Eyelid Through a Canthoplasty/midface Lift Have an Effect on the Upper Eyelid Position?

After an upper blepharoplasty my eyes have been rounded unnaturally so i am looking for options to lower my upper eyelid or raise my lower eyelid, Can permanent fillers be used... READ MORE

Can Lower Jaw Surgery Be Reversed?

My lower jaw was moved forward 4mm and angled down. My surgeon did not tell me until afterwards that my jaw was going to be angled down as well. He sais I did not have a... READ MORE

Brow Lift or Revision Eye Surgery First?

After a blepharoplasty/double eyelid surgery my eyebrows drooped, it has been 6 months now and I am starting to look at options to correct this and have my eyelid creases... READ MORE