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Yes I'm interested. I have had two surgeries and they are still not right. I don't know what to do anymore or where to go! READ COMMENT

A great life- I never got back to you before but I need to speak to you. I just let revision all go for awhile because I wasn't ready to deal with it then. Wondering how I could contact you. I have questions re grafting and your... READ COMMENT

I also want to add, it took almost a year for mine to completely settle where they were going to settle- I think it was 9 months to be exact, after switch out to implants. My left one which was higher than right one took that long to... READ COMMENT

Hi kaymidwife, I also have nerve impingement re thoracic area from a shoulder injury and I had some spasms in my back area re right side after surgery, but it settled after awhile. They take a mall piece of your anterior serratus to... READ COMMENT

Yes I would like to know who did yours also READ COMMENT