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Back of Thigh Red, Stinging, Some Peeling. Could It Be Spitting Stitches?

I am 6 weeks PO from LBL, spiral thigh lift, fat grafting to buttock, mini tummy tuck. Groin incisions that opened 3 weeks post op and am doing wet to dry dressing changes BID.... READ MORE

How Long After a LBL, Spiral Thigh Lift, and Mini Tummy Tuck Should You Be Able to Bend Forward to Tie Your Shoes?

After a LBL, spiral thigh lift, and mini tummy tuck I still can't bend or ward to shave my legs, tie my shoes etc. READ MORE

I Have Gotten a Bunch of Spider Veins All over the Back of my Legs That Weren't There Before is That Normal?

I had a LBL, spiral thigh lift with liposuction, mini tummy tuck, and fat grafting to buttocks. I had a few spider veins on the inner thighs as well as a few on sides and on... READ MORE

Eight Weeks PO. Still Can't Put on Socks, Cross This Normal?

I had a lower body lift, spiral thigh lift, with lipo and fat grafting to buttocks 8 weeks ago and I still can't put on my socks and shoes or cross my legs. My thighs are so... READ MORE

If You Can't Bend Down and Touch Your Toes or Put on Your Shoes After LBL, Spiral Thigh Lift 8 Weeks?

PO is that abnormal? I've had groin endings, an infection in the back of my thigh so I have had setbacks. I am 59 years old. READ MORE

Can't Bend to Put on Shoes Etc is This Normal?

LBL, butt augmentation, spiral thigh lift, mini TT not able to bend forward to put on shoes, socks etc? I am 10 weeks PO and had open wounds in groin that were deep. The last... READ MORE

LBL 10 Weeks PO Still Can't Bend Forward is This Normal?

I am 10 weeks PO LBL, spiral thigh lift with inner and outer lifts, fat graftin to buttock lipo suction, and mini TT. I had groin incisions that opened 3 weeks post op that... READ MORE

Felt a Pop in my Thigh I Think It Was my Calles Fascia. Is That Something I Should Be Once Rend About?

PO 11 weeks LBL, spiral thigh lift etc. I was on my knees lowering myself to the carpet when I felt a pop in the back of my thigh towards my vagina. I think it may be my Calles... READ MORE

Loss of Flexibility is a Trade off of Having a Thigh and Butt Lift?

Why are you not told or can't find lose of flexibility as a trade off for having a thigh and buttock lift. If I had known that in order for me to have the same flexibility I... READ MORE

I Need Someone to Tell Me if Loss of Flexibility is Normal for a Thigh and Buttock Lift?

I am an athletic 59 year old woman and exercising is part of who I am, what I o along with gardening, biking, yoga, Pilates etc. I can't do any of those things and I am 4... READ MORE

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You had a com unitive dr. I'm glad. READ COMMENT

Beautiful thank you very much for the kind words. I haven't put photos up because I don't put things like that on the Internet. They are there forever you know. My biggest peeve is that my dr. Wasn't very forthright with me. He didnt... READ COMMENT

I think that if you have lots of weight to loose then you will be pleased. Is what I meant to say. But take of the blinders and read through all these reviews! You may change your mind. READ COMMENT

He doesn't take pictures if the results ont last ke it from me. He stopped taking pictures at four months because the results didnt last. I think that I'd you ad lots of weight that you have lost you will be pleased. But don't get... READ COMMENT

Glad you are doing so well and you are happy:) READ COMMENT