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I am so thankful my insurance has APPROVED my BR surgery!!!! I will be calling Monday to schedule my pre-op testing and BR surgery! I am 5’ 7”, 165 pounds, 40 years old, and according to the measurements I took recently I am currently somewhere around a 38F (!). I have been a runner since my teens, and have always been very active physically and in good shape. My breasts remain the... READ MORE

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Who else is waiting for insurance approval?

Who else is waiting for insurance approval?  How are you handling the wait? I am so excited to schedule my BR surgery, however I'm waiting on insurance approval.  My... READ MORE

Did you have Stitches or Glue to close your incisions?

My PS uses stitches internally, and glue and tape externally.  I'm curious about what most PS use... Did you have stitches or glue to close your external incisions, and... READ MORE

Will you/Did you show photos of post op breasts to your significant other to prepare them for what you will look like initially?

Will you, or Did you, show photos of post op breasts after a breast reduction surgery to your significant other to prepare them for what you will look like initially while you... READ MORE

Do shoulder grooves go away after breast reduction?

Do shoulder grooves created by bra straps go away after breast reduction? READ MORE

PAPER TAPE: Who has used paper tape on their incisions, and HOW LONG did you use paper tape for??

Who has had paper tape placed over your incisions immediately after surgery?  How long did you wear the paper tape for initially?  Did you continue to use paper... READ MORE

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Hi Rococo, are you able to go to consultations with more than one PS, just to get a few different opinions?? I am 5' 6", and went from a 38F to 38B in April. I LOVE my perky little boobies now!!! The PS I chose had recommended D cups... READ COMMENT

Please do some research on the Healing Diet, specifically formulated to help your body heal from surgery. Your body needs the nutritional support of this type of diet in order to heal & fight the infections. Stay in close contact... READ COMMENT

Ems, look into using silicone SHEETS rather than gel (such as ScarAway silicone sheets - sold at Walmart, grocery stores, drug stores, etc. for $15-$17.) You can cut the sheets in strips. The sheets lower the oxygen that gets to your... READ COMMENT

Hi SeaWitch, I STRONGLY encourage you to take the time to research the Healing Diet, created by a woman named Annette. Go to breast health online to find the healing diet. You need to be very proactive in helping your body to heal... READ COMMENT

Hi Chibbey!! Great to read such a positive update from you! I'm so happy for you that you are doing well & feeling great. I too have amassed a large collection of strapless tops and dresses and I am LOVING all the new clothing... READ COMMENT