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36H Down to a 36D - Woodland Hills, CA

I'm 36 with a 15 yr old daughter. I've always had huge breast and my frame is fairy small. After have headaches, neck aches, shoulder and back problems I decided to get a breast reduction. I'm 12 days post op today and I feel good. I have swelling of course, taking it easy, eating healthy and the whole 9 yards. Getting impatient at home but trust me, rest rest as much as you can. Don't be... READ MORE

BBL and TT - Tijuana, MX

I started my research over a year ago. After reading, reviewing and few consultations later, I decided Dr. Jamie Campos Leon was the surgeon for me. The interaction with the office was great! Angie is on it. And Dr. Campos is an artist!!! His work is amazing! We are both so lucky to come across eachothers paths. I can barely sit still thinking that this Friday I will have a completly different... READ MORE

Questions from jpo818

Should I Get an Ergonomic Kneeling Chair for my Office? Will That Help with my BBL & TT? (photo)

I had surgery 2/8/13. I plan to go back to work on 2/20/13. Should I get an ergonomic kneeling chair for my office? Will that help with my BBL & TT? I want to be as... READ MORE

What's the burning feeling after Fat Transfer? When should it go away?

I had a ETT & BBL (fat transfer to hips as well) 1 year ago and from time to time I feel my right hip get hot. It doesn't feel hot to the touch, it just burns a bit inside. The... READ MORE

Dimpleplasty & or Buccal Fat Removal. Which is the best for me? (Photo)

I have always had an extremely round face (photos attached). I would really like to get dimples, it runs in my family but the gene skipped me. I am looking for a doctors... READ MORE

3 Weeks Breast Reduction: Is this an infection? (Photo)

BR done on 3/28. I noticed this today. Is my breast infected? READ MORE

Car accident after 3 weeks of Breast Reduction. Could there be any damage?

I had a breast reduction 3 weeks ago and today I was rear ended on my way to work. Besides my lower back aching I was wondering if anything internal can happen to by newly... READ MORE

Do I need a revision after my BBL? I'm 14 months post op (Photo)

Would I benefit from a round 2 BBL? I see imperfections from the first BBL. I had it done February 2013. See pictures attached. READ MORE

Considering 2nd round BBL: would like a flatter stomach and more projection in butt. Is it worth it? (photos)

I had a TT & BBL on Feb 2013. I feel like my stomach isn't flat enough (I know it wasn't lipo'ed before TT) and my back wasn't lipo'ed as much as I wanted which is ok because I... READ MORE

Recent comments from jpo818

Sorry to hear about your X, her lose, yiou snooze you loose right LOL! Anyway - you look fantastic! Wish I could say the same. I gained crazy weight (25lbs) from being in a wheelchair for 3 months (long story). Anyway, I need round two... READ COMMENT

After doing more research I did see that prices have gone up - DAMN YOU REALSELF lol. I'm waiting for 1 more quote - from Jimerson in Atlanta, GA. I'll let you know what I end up doing :) READ COMMENT

Thank you Layla 1234, The BBL is meant to last. There is a 20-40% absorbtion. In my case I want to be a bit fuller (not bigger) and I my left side is smaller than my right. You cant really tell unless I point it out. So round 2, for me,... READ COMMENT

I hope it's not too late to give you my masseuses info! I haven't been on this site for a while...any way her name is Dana Altschuler 818-642-1228. READ COMMENT

I looked very wide for the first few months & my butt didnt look "plumpy" as I hoped for BUT as time went by I noticed that my bottom was settling/changing. When I hit 6 months that's when I noticed the difference. I was just like you,... READ COMMENT