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Tip Augmentation After Involuntary Reduction?

Unfortunately my tip was scaled down without my accordance. So I am looking for a possibility to get my former tip back. I estimate that the difference might be about 2 mm on... READ MORE

Grafts Tip Augmentation?

I consider revision rhinoplasty and grafts maybe necessary for tip augmentation. Unfortunately you can often read of bad experiences concerning grafts. Maybe the reason for... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty to Flatten the Bridge Again?

Unfortunately my surgeon gave my flat bridge a round shape. This is why I feel of having a sausage nose now. Is there a possibility to get the flat bridge back...? READ MORE

Remove Suture Tip Cartilage After Six Months?

As my tip was unvoluntarily narrowed by suturing technique, I am thinking about when I should have revision rhinoplasty for removing the suture. Maybe it would be better to do... READ MORE

How Do You Get From the Photo Simulation to the Final Result?

I have heard that many surgeons don't take the photo simulation of the desired result to the operations room. Is that true? How you can one ever be sure to achieve the desired... READ MORE

Sausage Nose Revision?

Once again a question concerning my unvoluntary sausage nose: As far as I understand by now, my bridge was narrowed and rounded. Before I had a trapezoid bridge with a flat... READ MORE

Does anybody know the Korean Scaffolder ® technique? Is it safe? How does it function?

Does anybody know the Korean Scaffolder ® technique? Is it safe? How does it function? What is injected exactly? For what can it be used and could it be used for Revisions ... READ MORE

Stem Cells / Regenerative Medicine for Revision Rhinoplasty Possible?

As I am still searching for a solution for revisioning my completely unvoluntary nose surgery, I am wondering if there might be possibilities to work with a kind of stem cell... READ MORE

Reconstruction of the bony dorsum - substitute for the nasal bone?

As my nose was involuntary narrowed during my surgery and as a side effect of this parts of my nasal bone got resected I wonder if there is a possibility to perform reverse... READ MORE

Long-term studies cartilage transplants/artificial implants?

What I have learned so far it would be best to use autologous cartilage grafts for revision rhinoplasty. Are there any long term studies? Or do you have special experiences... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty - back to natural?

Which procedures would you recommend if a patient with a rhinoplasty like Heidi Montag would ask for a revision surgery that brings her back to a natural appearance like... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Revision - Irregularities after grafting.

I often read from other patients that grafted cartilage tends to build irregularities and not only of warping but often enough also directly after surgery as if the graft... READ MORE

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You look amazingly beautiful! :-) READ COMMENT

Thank you for sharing! Great result. READ COMMENT

Ooops... Missing word... How old have you been back then? READ COMMENT

BTW: 16 years of difference? How old have been back then? 2 years? As much as can be seen from the photos you still look like a very young girl. :-) Especially with the new nose. :-) READ COMMENT

Thank you for sharing your experience. Great result. One more example to look at when loosing hope... All the best for you! READ COMMENT