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Lack of Pics at Consultation?

During a consultation, the Md showed me 1 jaw reduction picture. This was his time to show his talent but I was not impressed. Should I be cautious when a doctor has few pics... READ MORE

Dislike Round Face/prefer an Angled Look? (photo)

I have a round face and I've been told by some doctors that a chin implant can give me a v- line look, while other doctors have said that I don't need it, all I need is lipo to... READ MORE

Inquiry About V-line Shape/oval Face? (photo)

I have a wide chin. What procedure can make my lower face more angled? READ MORE

Shaving/burring Method to Narrow Chin?

Is it possible to narrow the chin with the blurring/shaving method. I feel if I got a chin implant it will make my face look longer and the chin wider. READ MORE

Aging Process...what Changes?

When a woman is in her 30's, what signs of aging is noticeable? Does the nose change and do the facial bones get wider (cheekbones or jawline) ? READ MORE

Narrowing Cheekbone...opinions?

If I'm striving for a heart shaped face then would narrowing my zygomatic arch be a bad idea? Can I get my cheekbones (zygomatic arch) narrowed if I have orbital rim implants? READ MORE

Brow Lift/Does It Rejuvenate Eyes?

Can a brow lift help rejuvenate a hooded eyelid and help small eyelids appear higher? READ MORE

Breast Implant/petite Frame, Will A Full D Implant Look Good On A Short Girl?

Will a full D breast implant look good on a short girl? Breast implant:silicone Body type: sporty, narrow hips, stubborn belly fat Weight: 150 lbs Height: 5'2 ft READ MORE

Procedure for Higher/deeper Eyelids?

Can the brow bone be shaved to accommodate a higher/deeper eyelid crease? I'm of Asian decent. READ MORE

Liposuction/large belly fat? (photo)

Can a flat tummy be achieved through liposuction if a person has a large belly? Stats:early 30's, 5ft"2, 160lbs, skin appears firm READ MORE

Facelift or cheek implants?

Which procedure has longer lasting results... facelift or cheekbone implants? Do implants cause facial bone erosion? READ MORE

Do orbital rim implants make the face wider?

Do orbital rim implants make the face wider? Are there cheek implants that provide fullness to the orbital rim area? READ MORE

High cheek bones vs low cheek bones?

? There are some people who have low prominent cheekbones and they look good. Is having high cheekbones the standard for beauty READ MORE

Experience level of a surgeon?

If a Dr. has less than 10 yrs of experience in the field, would that doctor be the best person to go to for a tummy tuck and breast augmentation? I've looked at their... READ MORE

Alar flare-post surgery?

I noticed something peculiar on a before & after picture. The website didn't specify what the patient had done, but it looks like her bridge and tip looks narrower. What... READ MORE

How to combat dry skin/face?

I have really dry/cracked skin on my face, especially on the bridge of my nose. I've been applying cream (Lubriderm) every other day but there's little improvement. Are there... READ MORE

I'm redeveloping a double chin a year after Submental Liposuction. Why is this happening?

Why did I develop a double chin again, when I already had submental lipo surgery done a year ago? And i had it done 8 yrs ago as well. Side note: I have a round face, my chin... READ MORE

Ptosis surgery. How often can I get a revision?

How many times can a revision be performed for eyelid ptosis (left eye). The surgery would also involve Asian blephoplasty. READ MORE

How long do brow lift-results last?

How long do the results of a brow lift procedure last? After my ptosis repair/Asian eyelid revision, the results looked great for 1-2 yrs and then the upper eyelid started to... READ MORE

Chin implant: Will I look masculine? (photo)

I've had neck lipo twice and it was a modest improvement to my neck/chin area. Will a small implant combined with neck lipo make me look to strong? Also, the fat transfer to my... READ MORE

What physical traits are considered attractive?

Is it possible to transform a plain looking woman into "Maxim" model, the ones depicted on racy men's magazines? Which do you think holds more value, a nice body or a nice face? READ MORE

Keratosis pilaris & hair removal. Which procedure would be best for my legs and arms?

I have Keratosis pilaris on my extremities and a few ingrown hairs. Which procedure (laser hair removal or electrolysis) will permanently remove the hair on my legs & arms? READ MORE

Under eye hollowing. Where is the donor site for fat collection?

Where does the surgeon collect the fat to fill the lower eye area? I hear that lower eye surgery can create ectropia. If so, why does that happen? READ MORE

Fraxel restore on tan skin

My mom is in the 80's and her skin is so smooth, yet mine is very dry. How many sessions of Fraxel treatment will I need to get smooth soft skin? How long will the results last? READ MORE

PRP vampire facelift in addition to cheek implants?

Can PRP plasma facelift be applied to the face when the patient has cheek implants? READ MORE

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I think that pic is taken at a bad angle, maybe you should show a lil bit of your face READ COMMENT

I really like your before profile, jawline is visible and chin is regal. I hope you find happiness at the end of the tunnel. READ COMMENT

You look less Asian? Is that the look your going for? READ COMMENT

What ethnicity are you? I'm just READ COMMENT