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Questions from Suna

Lip Augmentation-what to Do for Longer Results?

Hi, I am new to this. I had my first lip augmentation. It lastet for only one week. Dr. said, because he used less amount. So he injected more. Now, after one week, I can see... READ MORE

Destroyed Lip Contour by Injections

Dear Doctors, is it correct, that you loose your natural lip contour, if you get your lip augmentation into the contour. I have read that you loose, even destroy, your own lip... READ MORE

Is it Normal to Pay for Touch Up if There Are No Results?

Dear doctors, I have had three lip augmentations. My first one costed 420 Euro. After my first injection I complained of the results. So he injected more, for free. After few... READ MORE

Gaining Height in the Lips Instead of Pushing Forward? (photo)

Dear doctors, I have let my lips done by a specialist. But I have looked a little like a duck from the side. Is it possible that you can gain height with fillers? On the photo... READ MORE

Are these lumps ABOVE my lips? what happened? (photo)

Dear doctors, I have been three times to a specialist for lip augmentation. This fourth time something bad happened. I have lumps, not on my lips but above them!has juvederm... READ MORE

More weight loss or liposuction? (Photo)

Dear Dr. I have lost over 7 kilo but it seems that I dont loose any fat at my inner thighs and outside(marked in pic). Is it possible to get rid of them without liposuction? I... READ MORE

Scar far under the nose - lip lift (Photo)

Dear Doctors, have been thinking of a bullhorn lip lift. Now I saw this pic: you can see the scar far beyond the... READ MORE

Wrinkles under eye when I laugh. What's the best treatment? (Photo)

Hi, I am 38 years female. When I laugh under my eyes are a lot wrinkles, so I look older. Relaxed I dont have any obvious wrinkles at all. So I try not to laugh very much, but... READ MORE

Can I help to increase my lip lift manually? (photo)

Dear doctors, I have had an liflift(bullhorn)yesterday. I whished it would be taken more skin. Can I myself can do something to increase it because the wound is very fresh.... READ MORE

After lip lift, scar got thick and raised (Photo)

Dear doctors, I had my lip lift two moths ago. At the first days my scar was normal, then I got three zit like pimples, but was not zit. I felt the thread poking. After that my... READ MORE

Saggy skin stomach - I have had a liposuction estimated 4 years ago. (photos)

They removed not very much fat from my stomach, because I was not overweight, but had stubborn fat there. Since then I was into sports, doing 4-5 times weightlifting and cardio... READ MORE

Discussions started by Suna

who else had such unbelievable pain during liplift?

Yesterday I had a bullhorn liplift. First dr. gave me an injection. She poke the syringe till to the middle of my nose, that deep! it hurt so badly, then she gave me 3 on each... READ MORE

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It was beeing unheard, dr. did not react to my ouch or to my movements, which I had of pain. Also could not say I go home..that bloody I was forced to stay, so in a rape you can also hardly flee..I felt this way. It shows your... READ COMMENT

Dr. told me, that everyone reacts different to pain. 'But I have never heard that sort ofpain, others went through. She also pushed her palms into my eye holes while cutting. I thought my eyes will plopp out. I need a therapy I think a... READ COMMENT

No it was not elective! I did not want that pain to suffer!! READ COMMENT

So you think just actual rape is rape? you dont think a soul, psyche can be raped also???? READ COMMENT

This is my very first comment. Your lips look won-der-ful and very sexy. More sexy than megan fox. READ COMMENT