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Week 3 After Micropeel Laser (50 Microns) and Profractional (500 Microns), Even Texture, But Red?

Hello, 3 weeks ago I had a micro peel laser (50 microns) and Profractional (500 microns). My skin texture is even but I am still very red. What worries me it that the redness... READ MORE

Long Healing and Redness After Micropeel and Profractional?

Hello, I had a micropeel (50microns) + Profractional (450 microns) 6 weeks ago. I had a profractional before at 400 microns and had healed fast (1 week). However this time I... READ MORE

V-beam Laser to Treat Redness After Laser Resurfacing?

Hello, 8 weeks ago I had a Micro laser peel (20 microns) and profractional (450 microns ) - Sciton is the brand of the laser - ... I now have the face quite red. I had applied... READ MORE

Treatment to Even out Pinkness/redness After Laser Resurfacing?

Hello, I am 8 weeks out of laser resurfacing (20 microns Micro Peel + 450 microns profractional - Scition). It took four weeks for the redness to start to fade out but it its... READ MORE

What Cream/treatment/supplement if Slow Healing After Laser Resurfacing?

Hello, I have laser resurfacing 8 weeks ago. My derm says I have slow healing and state that my skin is too sensitive (very fair skin). What treatments do you recommend? READ MORE

Tns Recovery Complex Versus Neocutis Bio-Serum Treatment with PHP Which One is Better?

I am 8 weeks post laser resurfacing. Still some local redness and some areas that do not look fully healed. I want to know your opinion. tns recovery complex versus Neocutis... READ MORE

Vbeam for Post Laser Resurfacing Redness (Profracional 500microns + Micropeel)?

Hello, I had resurfacing 4 months ago and had significant redness. I had now ondergone 3 sessions of vbeam laser at 7 fluence; it has improved a bit but there is still a lot of... READ MORE

Thermi RF tightening, how long will the swelling last?

Hi, I had a Thermi RF on my abdomen last week. I did it because I went to consult for cool sculpting and was told my issue was not fat but laxity of the skin. The procedure... READ MORE