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55 Year Old Man, Replacing Thinning Front Hairline

I never thought I would reach this point in my life, since I have always had very thick (almost unmanageable amounts ) of hair. But over the years my front recession has gone further and I have lost density and thickness. I am going for hair transplant surgery on Monday. Will journal the experience here. This first photo was taken during my consultation and shows the area to be filled... READ MORE

Smart Lipo, One 50 Year Old Man's Experience - New York, NY

50 year old male. I am having upper, lower and flanks. Don't have alot to remove, but I haven't been able to get rid of what I have with diet and exercise. I want to do it now while my skin elasticity is good. Will post before and afters after surgery. Had about a liter removed I was told. Other than feeling a bit out of it for a few hours from the anesthesia, I felt no pain. In... READ MORE

4 Days Later, Very Happy, but Before Then, Thought I'd Made a Mistake

I am 50, have had injections with different fillers for many years, have always been pleased with results. I have had small bumps, swelling etc which have never lasted more than 24 hours. However, I decided to try a new doctor, Juviderm Ultra Plus, which I have never used, and had 3 huge bumps on one side and 2 on the other. I layed low, figuring they'd be gone the next morning--not! I was... READ MORE

Questions from Jack R

Does the Palovia at Home Laser Work?

Does the Palovia at Home Laser Work and Can It Be Used in Other Areas Besides the Eyes? READ MORE

Tanda and At-Home LED Light Machines - Do They Work on Collagen and Elastin?

Does the Tanda Skincare Machine, or Similar Led Red Lights Really Improve Collagen and Elastin? I am interested in buying an at home Tanda skincare machine or similiar LED... READ MORE

I Have Noticed Areas in my Face Where You Can See Outlines of Where The Filler Was Injected

I have noticed areas in my face where you can see outline of where the filler has been placed. Instead of the entire area being lifted you can see where the filler was placed.... READ MORE

Does Red Light Technology Work?

Does the red light technology such as that found in the Tanda Luxe really work. Can it truly increase collagen and elastin--enough to make a visual difference in your skin? READ MORE

Does the Hairmax Work?

I am a 53 year old man and my hair density is less as is the diameter of the strands. I have started using propecia, and was wondering if using the laser hair comb by hairmax... READ MORE

REACTION Skin Treatments?

Derm. told me about a treatment called REACTION skin tightening. 3-5 sessions, but results similar to Thermage. Any light to be shed on this? Was not able to find anyone that... READ MORE

Can Palovia Laser Be Used over Entire Face?

The Tria and Phillips Reaura are not available in the U.S. Can the Palovia be used over the entire face, since it is the only fractional at home avaliable in the u.s. or is the... READ MORE

Perma lip on men. What are the long term effects?

My question is two fold: is there a perma lip size that would be very subtle for a man just looking to slightly fill out a lower lip and what are the long term effects of... READ MORE

55, male. would like to have flanks done. Could I expect improvement without adding more crepey skin? (Photo)

I had smart lip about 3 years ago. I feel like I would like to have my flanks done a little more. There was a little bit of creeping of skin and some minor irregularities the... READ MORE

Can Ultherapy help the mid face/ nasolabial folds?

I have been getting fillers for cheeks and around nasolabial lines. I am now 56 and the lines are more like mild folds. My derm said that all I need a little lifting, not much... READ MORE

Efficacy of Clarisonic SmartProfile?

Does the Clairsonic SmartProfile massage machine actually firm jaw line and lift the way the product description claims and how does that work? READ MORE

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Dear Tampa. I don't want to get embroiled in a fight here, particularly because I don't know you or your doctor and can only speak from my own experience. You are right, most if not all lipo is done in a doctors own hospital "suites".... READ COMMENT

Try voluma next time READ COMMENT

Do you have any pictures of what you looked like before? Is this your results 3 months after surgery? READ COMMENT

No special shampoo. Kerinique follicle enhancing serum and Aqua Gel on grafts. Aquphor on donor area, twice a day, after soaking in warm water. READ COMMENT

Diamond, I doubt that people are judging you here. We all wish the best for each other. If you felt the way you did, so be it. Hope you can continue to move forward to feel better about yourself, however it is that you do that. For... READ COMMENT