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It's all over and i'm leaving Real Self

Growing up, my brothers and i got abused in every way possible by our mom. They had worse beatings than i did but she broke my nose when i was extremely young. Only as i reached my teens, i began to notice that whenever i blew or rubbed my nose, sometimes even if i washed my face a bit too enthusiastically, it would crunch and i'd be left in quite a bit of pain. Eventually, i noticed my nose... READ MORE

Questions from Matilda24

My nose had been broken from the age of about three. Are These Results Achievable? (photo)

My nose had been broken from the age of about three, it's not huge but it's wonky and needs sides shaving down and more definition. i really like lindsey lohan's nose (though i... READ MORE

My Nostrils Close when I Breathe Through my Nose?

I have a few things wrong with my nose and i'm eager to get rhinoplasty, but recently i noticed my nostrils close when i breathe through my nose. Is this normal and will... READ MORE

Rough Estimate for Many Changes to Nose? (photo)

I'm curious to know roughly what i'm going to have to spend for my rhinoplasty. I need a bulbous tip reduction, some refinement for a wide bumpy bridge, i have a slight... READ MORE

Can a Nose Be Lengthened?

Is it possible to make a nose longer with rhinoplasty surgery? I don't mean the projection, i think there is too much of a gap between my nose and upper lip, my nose is too... READ MORE

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Unwelcome changes after rhinoplasty?

Recently my excitement and obsession with rhino (and noses in general) has started to become tinged with a little bit of fear, the more i read on Real Self. As with every... READ MORE

When support becomes interference

It's been a few months now since i joined Real Self and, though i haven't really moved an inch as far as my own journey goes, i've read enough reviews and questions that i know... READ MORE

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You look absolutely stunning, genuinely! Definitely not too small, i think you just need to get used to it. I promise you, you look amazing! READ COMMENT

You look absolutely amazing! READ COMMENT

Wow, you look amazing! You can see how much more confident you are and your hair looks beautiful too! Dr Ion clearly did an amazing job, it's genuinely one of the best i've seen, well done! I haven't had much faith in British surgeons... READ COMMENT

My God, your nose is just perfect!! You seriously don't even look swollen, do you have really thin skin or something? I am just in shock at how perfect it is. So did your septum piercing close up after surgery or is it just too swollen... READ COMMENT

I see what you mean on one or two photos, where the tip looks slightly droopy, but that could still be swelling reappearing. Especially if you are eating salty foods or exercising maybe? From what i hear at least. But i think it's still... READ COMMENT