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Thank you for the difference!!!!! duran is not good with tummy meaning what exactly? tummy tuck? tiny curvy waist? If she's good with a curvy waist but keeps the fatty on the tummy, i'd be fine with that!! lol READ COMMENT

Lol. i still haven't called to rsvp a spot. it's soo hard for me. i work noc shift and when i go home, i sleep and when i wake up they're closed. lol. ugh i wish they were better at email communication. Now i'm thinking of Duran. I'm... READ COMMENT

Thank you all sooo so much!! :)))) yeah i've seen others who received their quotes after me and it's still cheaper. I've sent an email to take out the brow lift -I'm totally not going through that anymore. Just the bbl and everything... READ COMMENT

OOOOoooohhhhHHHhhh okay!!! then, that makes a lot more sense! Yah i sent another email to her for a different price EXCLUDING brow lift. Let see how much it drops down!! thanks soooo much! and why r some people getting TT and others... READ COMMENT

I sent my pics and asked for the prices of bbl and brow lift and here's what she sent "... The price for fat grafting to buttock, BBL, liposuction of abdomen, armpit, back, flanks, waist and brow lifting is 44000 $USD." Others have ... READ COMMENT