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Help with RE-fixing Asymmetry After Prior Augmentation & Lift (Smooth/textured? Over/under Muscle?) (photo)

I am seeking advice on what steps to take for my breast surgery soon. I plan to have a lift on both as well as my implants replaced and larger. I despise them not only due to... READ MORE

What is this Deformity From? (photo)

I have posted more photos of the side views. I am fairly young, had a lift on the right, and had 150cc in the R & 250cc in the L, both under the muscle and moderate... READ MORE

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Thank you. Did your Dr. state the cause behind your implants sitting so high? Well, I'm glad you had yours revised quickly instead of playing the waiting game like so many Dr.'s do! READ COMMENT

Hi LifterMom, Have you been to any consultations with surrounding doctors or were there any other Dr.'s you were/are looking into besides Horndeski? READ COMMENT

CVS, I am in the process of going about having my breasts redone. One of mine set up high as yours did (snoopy dog effect I think?) So, did placing it over the muscle help you out?? READ COMMENT

First off, your breasts look absolutely amazing. Secondly, the only thing I can think of if they hurt at times or are feeling harder is capsular contraction. You should see your Dr. about pain and hardness and they can check. Best of luck! READ COMMENT

They look great. Give it time. Mine had bruising for a while and I bet (since it is months after you posted) they already look more natural. READ COMMENT