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Oh and for u Jake, good luck with the Picosure laser, seen reviews & should be the best that there is on the market :-) love the dove design. Peace ;-) READ COMMENT

There are so many successful tattoo laser removal reviews here (in my opinion, I can see a lot of fading in the tattoos), I haven't seen any on "natural tattoo removal" or "tattoo cream" or similar (we've all seen the chemical peels and... READ COMMENT

I can relate to your post so well! I've been bad to my self only cuz of a tattoo I dislike. It's crazy,it's not the way to live. It's gotta stop and it actually has over these past half a year :-) slowly but surely, with some set backs... READ COMMENT

Last summer, before any of the treatments, I had to wear around 3-4 thick layers of concealer to hide it, this week at work I wore 2 thin layers and that was enough :-) so after 5 removals I'm quite happy with it! and I'd also rather... READ COMMENT

Sometimes it's not even the tattoo that's bothering but the feelings that rise because of it. We all come from different back grounds and we were all brought up differently, but since getting a tattoo is such a big and drastic event in... READ COMMENT