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Currently a 34B, Ready to Start This Journey! -Kansas City, KS

I'm not planning to get breast implants until summer of 2013. I am currently deciding which surgeon to go to in my area, and which size i should go for. Judging based off my pictures, what size would i look good with? Based on my body, I'm 5'3 120 pounds. I like the roundness of my boobs and shape but not satisfied with the size, i don't get how girls with smaller boobs than me can wear... READ MORE

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Could Size Affect the Costs of a BBL? (photo)

I'm 18, 5'4, about 115 pounds, very much interested in a brazilian butt lift! I know I am quite 'tiny' but I have a good amount of belly/waist fat, etc. Being this petite and... READ MORE

Am I a Good Candidate for a Brazillian Butt Lift? (photo)

I am 5'4, around 115-120 pounds i know that sounds quite 'tiny' but I have a great amount of abdonimal fat/fat in general. I come frmo a fmaily that is quite petite but have a... READ MORE

How to Tell if I Have the Proper Fat for Lipo/fat Transfer? And How Much More Should I Gain? (photo)

I believe I have a lot of visceral fat in my abdominal area. When i suck in my stomach i look skinny as heck, but when i release it i look like i'm 5 months pregnant. I'm 5'4,... READ MORE

5ft4, 115lbs and slightly chubby: Am I a Good Candidate for Buccal Fat Removal? (photo)

I am 5'4, 115 pounds. I am slightly chubby. I would say it has to do with genetics very much my mom has the same body structure and face strucrture as me. Heres the thing,... READ MORE

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Sorry to ask but pre op what size pants did you wear? After what size are u currently? Like any drastic difference? READ COMMENT

Inbox me! That's awesome we should try going together if anything :) READ COMMENT

Hey ladies, do any of you know if in Dominican Republic is it allowed/legal for a 17 year to get plastic surgery? READ COMMENT

Keep me on the update on how your eating habits are and what your consuming ot gain weight haha, i've been stuffing myself with donuts, fried food, everything but i remain the same. -.- i step on the weigher and its 110-114.5 daily. READ COMMENT

I'm currently waiting for Dra Yily to respond to my emails grrr! But I'm currently 5'4 and 110 pounds!! I'm trying to gain at least 10 before june, I want to get a bbl/lipo by june/july! And so true, it is definitely hard to gain weight. READ COMMENT