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Consultation Only - Terrible Consult with Corrupt Surgeon - London, GB

I saw Mr Matti for two consultations. The first time he kept me waiting for nearly 2 hours for a rushed consultation. - during which he kept saying 'poor child. I will write to your terrible surgeon he should not be operating - I have told him before'. He told me he would use rib for my revision. On my way in there was a bloke on his way out complaining loudly to Mr Matti that he wasn't happy... READ MORE

Questions from noseyparker2

Will the area where my bones meet my cheeks be wide after surgery?

I had open septo rhino 11 days ago (I know. I know, early days), but my cast has lifted off my face - pushed off by the force of my nose so that the tape has come off and the... READ MORE

Open septo rhinoplasty or open rhinoplasty

I recently had rhinoplasty - my 'patient coordinator' charged me for open septo rhinoplasty. However, I dodn't have a deviated septum/bent nose so shouldn't need open septo? Or... READ MORE

Why can't I breathe through nose after rhinoplasty? (Photo)

I had open rhinoplasty 2 weeks ago, and while I'm aware it's early, I would like to know when I should be able to breathe at least a little bit? If I look up my nose, all the... READ MORE

Help, so upset after cast removal at 15 days. Should cartilage in my tip be visible? (Photo)

Cast removed 5hr ago after open rhino. I horrified to see 3 distinct points or bumps of cartilage sticking out from under my skin. On on the very tip and one either side of tip... READ MORE

Fat/puffy alar rim (sill?) after rhino. Is this normal? (Photo)

I had open rhino 16days ago. From straight after surgery the base of the nostrils have been different. It makes the nose look droopy on one side and the nostrils uneven. One is... READ MORE

How can I find an elite surgeon in the UK for revision rhinoplasty?

This area is a minefield, we do not have many resources in the UK. It's hard enough to find a primary surgeon, let alone one that can do advanced maneouvers like grafts. Do any... READ MORE

What on earth is happening to my nose tip when smiling? Pinched and dented (Photo)

Hi I had open rhinoplasty recently, my nose is extremely tigh and has been reduced in the tip far more than I wanted. When I am relaxed you can see the deformity but when I... READ MORE

What are these hikes/dents/depressions in my tip post open rhinoplasty? (photo)

I had the procedure 3 weeks ago , these dents and 'pinches' make me look freaky I can't go out. What are they? READ MORE

When can I wash my nose/wear makeup/wear sunglasses after rhinoplasty?

So, my surgeon says none of these things for 9 months at least. How can I manage this? Is it necessary for so long ?! Also he said no holiday for 9 months but I'm already... READ MORE

What are my options for reconstruction of the tip following botched Rhinoplasty? (Photo)

Hi I'm. 3 weeks po from open rhino, I can tell and have been told on here by the docs on q&a that it is bad. I'm now at a very low point in my life. The surgeon will not see me... READ MORE

I had a botched Rhinoplasty, doctor admitted bad result and said it's due to suturing. He didn't remove any cartilage from tip.

My question is, if in the future I have a revision, I know the sutures will have dissolved but can the scar tissue be freed up, so that the cartilage can spring back out?... READ MORE

How does one know if there is enough septal cartilage left for grafts on revision rhinoplasty?

After primary septo plasty how much septal cartilage is left? How does the revision surgeon find out? Through examination of the nose - can the full diamond of cartilage be... READ MORE

Lengthening the columella in revision rhinoplasty - is it possible?

Myself and a few others I know underwent disastrous rhinoplasty by a very poor surgeon. He cut our columellas off! Well, a proportion of them to deproject the nose. In all... READ MORE

Can a shortened columella be lengthened in revision rhinoplasty? (photos)

Unfortunately for me I am the victim of a botched rhinoplasty. The surgeon removed part of my columella in a bid to deproject my nose. In my opinion this wAs not necessary and... READ MORE

Does a ct scan show what is left of septum following rhinoplasty?

Hi, I need a revision rhino. I had a ct scan done after my primary due to severe headaches and sinus issues. Now I'm wondering if there will be enough septal cartilage for... READ MORE

8 weeks post op after open rhino, why am I still in pain?

Hi, I'm in pain after rhino. Not lots but it is bothersome. It is a botch job so is that why? Overresected bridge and over sutured tip cartilage resulting in pinched tip and... READ MORE

I had a botched Rhinoplasty there is exposed cartilage in the nostril, does this mean I should have revision sooner?

The ent surgron I consulted with after the op said skin will eventually cover the exposed cartilage - is this true? A revision surgeon (very reputable) says that I may want to... READ MORE

I have exposed cartilage inside my nostril - the ENT doctor also confirmed it. Is it responsible for cellulitis infection?

I have a cellulitis infection in my cheek on that side. I think the bacteria got in where the cartilage is not covered with skin. The gp said this may be possible. There is no... READ MORE

Is it possible to make the nostrils longer? Once the columella strut is in place, nose projected, and lengthened? (photo)

Most of the revision surgeons I consulted say not. But one has told me that it is possible to cut/carve them and fold the skin over and stitch it inward to form longer ones.... READ MORE

What is the columella retraction suture (in revision rhinoplasty)?

This procedure was suggested along with several other manoeuvres to correct an overshortened nose and one in which the primary surgeon stitched the base of the columella to the... READ MORE

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Dr Gonschior

Disastrous rhinoplasty performed by this surgeon. Anyone else? My advice, avoid him and Mya like the plague. This surgeon has left me with permanent disfigurement that cannot... READ MORE

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I have every faith in ion, I've seen him do some lovely work. You are in good hands. And good luck, I know how stressful this all is x READ COMMENT

Hi there, I had full nasal reconstruction after a badly botched primary and infection left my nose with no support or function. Charles east fixed it. Ion didn't seem confident and matti was a joke! I heard bad things about Paun and... READ COMMENT

From personal experience I would recommend seeing a surgeon who specialises in rhino. Even then you can't be sure! Have you consulted with any other surgeon? Ion and east in Harley street are two of the top rhino surgeons in the uk .... READ COMMENT