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How Long Does Botox Remain in Your Body? I'm Getting Contradicting Answers.

I want to know why everyone is giving contradicting information on how botox works. Some plastic surgeons say that Botox leaves the body within 2 days of injecting it. And... READ MORE

Any Info on Frotox?

I have been using botox for the last ten years with no side effects, but I do not feel entirely comfortable that it is a toxin and would welcome an alternative that is natural... READ MORE

Botox Long-Term Side Effects?

There are botox support groups that discuss the strangest side effects and I really do worry. They mention ringing ears, muscle pain, anxiety attacks... I never had any side... READ MORE

Fillers in Forehead?

As I am reluctant to continue with botox in my forehead I am wondering if fillers can work as an alternative? I still want to get rid of my wrinkles! I have got contradicting... READ MORE