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I Finally Got Butt Implants!! - Mandeville, LA

I have 2 kids. My weight has gone up and down...but after my second child I lost so much weight. And my butt just looks flat and saggy. I def did not have enough fat for a bbL..I'm a petite female, 5foot@100lbs I really wanted to get the 290ccs round implant but I knew it wouldn't fit, my dr used a 250ccs round implant. Left pics , just out of surgery in recovery, right pics is 3 days post... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck, Without Tightening of the Muscles -Baton Rouge, LA

I wanted a tummy tuck so bad . With my first child, I gained 60 lbs in the last 2 months of my pregnancy. I stretched out badly. Then I had my second child oct. 14 2012. I would like to have more children so I asked him not to tightened my muscles, it's been 5 months now, I had a little dog tail on the right side. I had a scar revision today. The main reason why I wanted the tummy tuck, bc I... READ MORE

Questions from Selena82

Tummy Tuck Vs Mini Tuck? (photo)

I am 25 yrs old , I have 2 children, 7 year old and a 3 month baby girl. I do want more children in the future. I hate my belly button and the tattoo. I prefer a mini TT done... READ MORE

Full TT, Should I Tighten My Muscle and Get Lipo? (photo)

I had my consultation last week. I decided to go w/ the full TT instead of the mini TT. I still want children in the future and I wanted a short recovery b/c I have to return... READ MORE

I'm going to have a full tummy tuck , without muscle tightening. I'm very nervous about the drains. Any suggestions? (photos)

Surgery Date is Feb 27 2013. I am going to have a full tummy tuck , without muscle tightening. My dr. Did say he will remove most not all of my stretch marks, b/c my... READ MORE

250ccs Butt Implants Worth It?

I went to 3 plastic surgeons, I was told I do not have enough fat for the fat transfer. I now want implants done. My plastic surgeon, says she most likey use the 250 ccs , but... READ MORE

How Many Ccs Can I Get for Butt Implants? (photo)

Surgery date is on aug.28th 2013.I went to a few of drs.I've been told I dont have enough for BBL.I decided to go with butt implants.My PS says I would more likely to fit the... READ MORE

I'm 5ft, 100lbs Petite Girl. I Wanted Large Butt Implants? (photo)

When I Got out of Surgery my Butt Was So Round and Bubbly.then It Looked swollenaround my 14day postop I've noticed my left implant looked rounder&higher than my... READ MORE

Why are my butt implants asymmetrical?

I had buttock implants done last me about a year ago. 250ccs. Ihave a very small frame. My left cheek, the implant looks high and it's towards the too of my butt crack. The... READ MORE

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No they are still high up, my dr said it will take a while to settle READ COMMENT

My incision healed up very quickly !! My dr gave me some scar serum . I don't remember the name of it. On my next appointment I will ask for the name READ COMMENT

Hey angel! I'm so excited for you!!!! I just texted dr cooper...and told her you've been trying to contact her office but you're having trouble. She should be getting back to you soon! Please message me on how your consultation goes... READ COMMENT

Your results will be amazing! You already have a nice size butt!!! I wish I could have gone bigger READ COMMENT

How are you?? Can you post some pics? READ COMMENT