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You are lovely, I am expecting that you will be thrilled after your procedure, thinking of you! READ COMMENT

Sats, this is a public board and we don't need to be terrorized, naturally we must all take information and accounts with a grain of salt and consider what we are comfortable with in terms of risk. Her skin does look scarred and... READ COMMENT

Well, a. you are 21 so your skin is resilient and elastic on its own. b. Retin A can make your skin more sensitive to sun damage so it important not to use it when you will be going out in the sun (preferable to use it at night) c. You... READ COMMENT

A picture would be helpful, $27k seems pretty expensive e.g. for an abdominoplasty but a full body lift sounds quite extensive so it would be helpful to know precisely what was improved. READ COMMENT

Thank you, I have had Sculptra and this was making me scared, especially the migrating part. READ COMMENT