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The keloid scars you exhibit may be revised and certainly will fade in time however silicone strips after surgery do minimize the likelihood of developing the overgrowth of collagen that is what a keloid scar represents. READ COMMENT

If you choose to go out of state, I recommend Dr. Stacey Folk in Colorado. I too had torn muscles and I have a screen in my stomach. My abdomen is permanently flat. I had 3 C sections, the initial abdominoplasty, a revision to... READ COMMENT

Having had my abdomen worked on three times, I can tell you that surgeon was not experienced, You absolutely can have that revised and I bet you will be happy. As for the marriage, I am terribly sorry yours is ending in divorce, but... READ COMMENT

Hmmm, not everyone lives in FL. You look great but I am worried for you that you allowed a procedure to your face and you do not know what was done. Did he inject something? Did he sew anything? Did he use some gadget that might be... READ COMMENT

Seems like I have read some reviews that indicated their body metabolized the Sculptra very quickly and they didn't see results. Then there are those who are years down the road and still experience consequences from Sculptra and there... READ COMMENT