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Lip Lift - Baltimore, MD

Wanted conservative 3mm lip lift . Did not need tooth show. Dr was conservative did what I wanted. I'm fresh out post op but very concerned with my right nostril pulling down. Also my facial express ion looks as if I'm smelling something bad. I'm praying this goes away. Swelling and distortion is supposed to only get worse in 3 days. I'm concernced I've never seen any ones nose get this... READ MORE

Terrible Experience with Fraxel Repair - New York, NY

I had wrinkles only when smiling and my skin was thin under the eyes. The office made it seem like it was a lunch time procedure , said it would be pink for a week. I'm no stranger to lasers, as use had vbeam, laser hair removal. I had great results and little down time with vbeam and laser hair removal. The fraxel repair was a night mare. The numbing injections under the eyes I was almost in... READ MORE

Questions from Swn21

Am I a candidate for a lip lift, or would it make matters worse? (Photo)

I feel my top lip could be closer to my nose. Ive had filler in my lip in the past it didnt lift as much as it pushed my lip out. When I lift my lip up I feel the lip itself... READ MORE

Can a lip lift scar become hypertrophic? (Photo)

I am interested in a lip lift first question is do you think I am a candidate ? I have keloid scars on my body would the skin under my nose react the same way ? READ MORE

How can I stop my gummy smile from being more noticeable after a lip lift? Botox is not an option (Photo)

I am scheduled to have a lip lift but I have a gummy smile and too much teeth already when I smile. I am concerned of my smile being worse than it already is. PLEASE DO NOT... READ MORE

How soon can I safety take out cheek implants? (Photo)

I look as though I'm peeing through a mask the implants are so high and big. I want them out I don't want to go back to work as I look freekish and I'm in pain. I don't want to... READ MORE

Discussions started by Swn21

Want lip lift or would it make matters worse?

I had juvederm in top lip in the past.  It migrated into the sills and out of my lip which filler always does on me.  My goal would be simply to shorten the distance... READ MORE

Need lip lift but have gummy smile already

I am in need of a lip lift but have a gummy smile and too much tooth show to begin with.  I AM IMMUNE TO BOTOX SO IT IS NOT AN OPTION.  Filler did nothing for the... READ MORE

Cheeck implant removal

I had silicone cheeck implants put in 4 weeks ago. I absolutely hate the look of them way too big and masculine. I look odd , unnatural terrible. I am looking into removal I am... READ MORE

Recent comments from Swn21

This sounds like me . I too had " fake glasses made to camaflouge my mid face. I had cheeck implants put in after weight loss. I'm small and asked for small sub malar. The dr put in large implants I look totally deformed , fake older .... READ COMMENT

Who was your surgeon you got great results. I'm filled with bruising and swollen I can't leave the house at 8 days. READ COMMENT

Please help me out I too had implants with a ny doctor. I am 5 days out swelling is unbelievable I look like I have the face of a five hundred pound woman I have hematoma. I asked for small subtle implants they look like huuuuge shelves... READ COMMENT

Keep us posted can't wait excited for you ! Not much bruising so that's good . Happy healing READ COMMENT

I can't wait to see the final results looks like it's gonna be great. What type of implants did you get . Also if you don't mind me asking your age you look young READ COMMENT