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Need a Travel Buddy to Go to Tijuana with Me the Week Before Christmas! - Los Angeles, CA

Someone please let me know if you are considering going to tijuana the week before christmas? I cant find any flights from cali to tijuana that are affordable and not 7 hours long! I heard its good to park at the border and then the doctor I'm using has a driver that could pick us up and take us to the hospital and hotel. I know this sounds crazy and scary but it is so worth it for the price!... READ MORE


She did not put the fat in evenly or something because I have dimples on my butt now!! And the lipo ruined my stomach now I need tummy tuck! She said I could have beyonce type shape too and it has made just a slight improvement I feel I have wasted my money! I should have gona to someone who knew how to do lipo well and just gotten that because that would have made a bigger difference than... READ MORE

Questions from suzannedee

BBL? Im Big but All Muscle Not Fat? (photo)

I'm don't have much fat on my body, I'm very "thick" all over from muscle though. Probably a dumb question but can you transfer muscle to the hips/butt? I don't want to ruin my... READ MORE

Can Permalip Pop?

If I get my permalip lips filled with juvederm could the needle hit the implant and pop it or cause problems? READ MORE

Veneers: How Many Teeth Should Be Done for the Best Result?

Veneers: How Many Teeth Should Be Done for the Best Result? READ MORE

Orbital Rim Implants Before or After Cheek Implants?

I want orbital rim and cheek implants which ones do I get first or can I get both at the same time? Please answer if you are a facial plastic surgeon or oculoplastic surgeon only. READ MORE

Widen the Mouth Without Horrendous Scars?

How can a narrow tiny mouth be made wider? READ MORE

Nostril Narrowing Asian Nose (Need a Less Subtle Result)? (photo)

All the pictures of nostril narrowing I have seen are quite conservative. The result I want is very small nostrils. When I pinch the base of my nostrils I see the type of... READ MORE

How Can Veneers After Braces Be Done?

Do I absolutely need to tell my orthodontist I plan on getting veneers a year after I get my braces off? I don't want to accidentally insult his work because he think my teeth... READ MORE

Can Implants and Bbl Be Done at the Same Time?

Is it possible to do a round of bbl and then have implants put in during one surgery? I'm concerned about how the implants would affect the new delicate fat cells. READ MORE

Botox for Underarms: Substitute for Deodorant?

Sounds stupid and crazy.. But I don't have hyperhydrosis I just want to use Botox so I won't have to apply deodorant everyday. Bad idea? Would this make my sweating worse long... READ MORE

Fat VS Filler. I have almost absolutely no fat on my face?

Can filler completely replace all the lost fat? Does it look the same as results from fat transfer? Can anything really look like natural plump fat in the face? READ MORE

Bony, Wrinkled, Misshapen Hands - Options? (photo)

I'm young but look about 60 with these weird looking hands everyone makes fun of. What could be done? I especially want to fix the wrinkles on the knuckles and weird shape at... READ MORE

Can I have surgery under a different name? (photo)

I really don't want a record of my surgery. Wondering if I can use an alias and pay in cash? READ MORE

Sculptra: how long do results last, how many treatments are recommended?

Should I continue to get sculptra every couple weeks? Is there a point (after 3-5 treatments in the same area) when sculptra isn't going to help anymore? As in, the max amount... READ MORE

Voluma in other areas of the body?

Is voluma safe for any areas such as hands, fingers, wrists, ankles, feet, neck, or chest? READ MORE

Botox for little wrinkles in the body?

I have little wrinkles from flexing my toes and I'm wondering if superficial Botox would work? I'm in my 20s so it's a movement issues not skin quality also for the wrinkles in... READ MORE

Reoccurring eyelid ptosis, how many times can I get a bleph redone?

I have Ehlers danlos syndrome which contributes to my extremely lax skin. I am 20 and already I can see one of my eyelids is starting to sag. I heard at an Ehlers danlos... READ MORE

Discussions started by suzannedee

Tijuana in July

Anyone going july 14-21? let me know! we can get reduced rate if we go together READ MORE

Tijuana - why would anyone go anywhere else;)

I don't understand why everyone going to Dominican Republic, I swear its all hype for Duran. Its overpriced and the work isnt even quality..I'm deciding between pantoja, campos... READ MORE

need a travel buddy! july - Tijuana, MX


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OMG..... you look so sexy!!! Tell me Salamas secret!! How does he make such a big donk w/hips out of nothing??? Is that really you in the b4 pic wearing the white socks?? Seriously how did he do that omg you look so good congrats READ COMMENT

Anyone going to TJ the week of july 14?? READ COMMENT

BCRH in Tijuana July 14! Someone contact me.. If you stay with a buddy at BCRH its only 80$ a night compared to 130! READ COMMENT

But why are you still so bruised after 10 days!! Thats crazy.. also do you feel like she made the hips even? READ COMMENT

Wow you look great! How many nights did you spend at the hospital before you were released to BCRH? READ COMMENT