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Wanting my old slender body back! But this time, with a booty!

Hi there everyone! So for as long as I can remember, I have always disliked my appearance. I am a 29 year old and have had one child (6 years old). I use to be really thin, but became depressed and gained a bunch of weight in areas that just WILL NOT go away! I have been researching doctors for my BBL (originally I was just interested in liposuction, but then realized I want the BBL more than... READ MORE

Questions from KoriDee

Doctor Gave Me 1cc of Restylane in Top Lip Only, Right Side Deflated! Is This Normal?

The Dr. I went to injected a full syringe of Restylane into my top lip and said it took so much due to me having TMJ and a cross bite.I bruised a LOT and was extremely bumpy.... READ MORE

How long do drains stay in after having liposuction? How bad is the pain when removed?

I am looking into getting liposuction in the near future. The only thing that is holding me back is the drains. I am extremely squeamish when it comes to my own body fluids and... READ MORE

Will most doctors agree to do IV sedation if the patient has anxiety problems?

I get extremely anxious and am not able to hold still when I am in a surgical/doctor's office/dental office setting. There is absolutely no way I will be able to do local... READ MORE

Would I be a good candidate for Botox? (photos)

Interested in Botox specifically for my forehead and crowsfeet. Am I a good candidate? How many units does it look like I would need per area? Thank you! (I am not inderested... READ MORE

Would lipo or a tummy tuck be better for me? 30 year old female. (Photo)

I'm a 30 year old female who gained 40 lbs quickly (was stressed and depressed) and have lost 30 of it so far. I'm 5'2 and 138 lbs. I know an in-person consult would be best,... READ MORE

Pointy looking chin and crooked jaw from severe TMD. What could be done? (Photo)

I suffer from a cross bite and crowding with my teeth. I will be getting braces soon. I was wondering though, would a facial surgeon be able to do something about my crooked... READ MORE

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I'm starting to get really scared

About my surgery. It is now in less than 2 months and I keep overthinking things. I'm going to Dr. Pantoja for a BBL and lipo. They said that they do a spinal block and... READ MORE

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How are you doing? healing nicely? READ COMMENT

I sent dr P these pix telling them I'm concerned with the way it fits on my butt, they messaged back "The garment is supposed to be very tight to help the swelling go down. the swelling that you have right now is normal, its very... READ COMMENT

I sent the dr these pix expression my concern bout it misshaping my butt and they responded "The garment is supposed to be very tight to help the swelling go down. the swelling that you have right now is normal, its very important that... READ COMMENT

Yeah that's what I think too, it's weird. I told them I think it's too small and they said it's suppose to be so, ehh. I'm going to email and send a photo to see what they think. READ COMMENT