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Revision and Lower Bleph with Fat Transfer - Bellevue, WA

Had a bad upper eye lid procedure January 2 2012 finally waited and waited for a improvement to no avail. So 11 months later found a excellent surgeon in Seattle to preform my revision. The procedure was yesterday December 4 2013 and even thru bruises and swelling I can tell it will look good and a huge difference from my first procedure. The initial doctor was unskilled and hardly examined... READ MORE

Questions from Steadyby

What is the Likely Cause of a Swollen Eye Brow and Lid, Slight Occasional Squint, Unrelaxed Eyelid? (photo)

I am 4 week post op for upper eyelid surgery. Left eye is swollen on lid and brow, eyeball seems swollen, nd lids doesn't drape or relax? READ MORE

Can Uneven Scars (Height of Incisions) Eventually Even out and Eyes Look the Same? Eyelid Surgery Post Op 2 Months. (photo)

I'm post op 2 months scar on my right lid is way higher than left. Left eye lid and brow seems big and still swollen. Although the scars are at different heights do the eyes... READ MORE

What Can I Do For Discolored Skin on Upper Eyelids 3 Months Post Upper Eyelid Surgery? (photo)

How Long will it take for the skin on upper lids to return to normal color? Im 3 months post op. Is usually very red and sore looking, also purple looking sometimes. There is... READ MORE

Am I a Good Candidate for Lower Bag Removal? If So What Type? Same Time As Revision or Separate Surgerys? (photo)

I'm 3 months post op upper eye lid surgery. I have different eyelid widths and very uneven looking eyes. Not happy. Before surgery I had slight hooding on both eyes. I am... READ MORE

Can Wearing Safety Lenses Glasses Affect Your Long Term Eyesight?

I am very unhappy with the results of my upper bleph so I am hiding behind a nice pair of glasses, they are safety optical lenses. This breaks up the appearance of the bad eye... READ MORE

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I had a lump of fat taken out that was missed during my lower bleph. Is your noticeable too? READ COMMENT

He was a surgeon out of a town in Burien WA. Don't want to name names publically. READ COMMENT

Had much better experience this time. New doctor spent time talking about me and what I needed and what would work best for me. I am so happy with my results now. :) READ COMMENT

He wouldn't recogonise it was his fault or that there was an issue, he just kept putting me off, agh it allergies, agh its a sinus infection, agh your eyes look fine.......which seems to be pretty common with PS not taking... READ COMMENT

I am so sorry about your scar. O have the same thing one eye great the other terrible. Totally visable and above the natural crease. I now 13 months post op and had another doctor laser the scar to see if it would help take the rope... READ COMMENT