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How are you doing now? Have you been able to make any changes? Have you seen a Plastic surgeon about this as well? I'm so sorry you experienced such an awful result and really hope your skin goes back to the way it was! READ COMMENT

I know it's easy for me to say but don't be so hard on yourself. I've seen your pics and your skin doesn't look that bad....I'm being honest here. You look very young and have a lot of years ahead of you. I'm sure it will take time... READ COMMENT

It gets better....just keep trying to tell yourself that! Once you get through this phase and you will look great....I've been where you are now and I was so down and was going to stop the accutane but my friend told me to keep going. ... READ COMMENT

It will get better....I promise! The same thing happened to me, I broke out like crazy for the first few weeks then it slowly got so much better and my face became clearer! Now my face is totally clear and I haven't had one pimple... READ COMMENT

Whatever you do, don't do fillers afterwards.....they effects after they wear off are similar to what you are seeing now with your face. I did fillers for a few years and now I don't do them and have wrinkley, saggy skin with injection... READ COMMENT