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Trim Labiaplasty - Labia Minora Reduction

I am writing this review in order to hopefully help young teens especially, but also all women. I don't want any young woman to have to experience what I experienced. It is truly a traumatic experience. When I was 16 I wanted to get labiaplasty done so that my labia minora would not hang past... READ MORE

Questions from BrandyB

Will Working out 3 or 4 Times a Week Wear out a Silicone Breast Implant Shell Faster Than Normal?

I want to get saline implants placed under the chest muscle but I'm concerned about the chest muscles rubbing and squeezing the implant shell when I work out. I work out 3 or 4... READ MORE

Will These Lumps Around my Labiaplasty Scar Go Down? (photo)

I had a revision labiaplasty surgery to take away a section of darker colored, fatty labia tissue at the bottom of my labia minora where they join. This section was missed... READ MORE

What Causes Lumps on a Labiaplasty Scar? How Long Do They Take to Go Away?

What causes the lumps? Dissolvable stitches? Stiched too tight? It's been almost 5 weeks and my scars are still lumpy. READ MORE

Why Are my Incision Sites Still Hard and Sore After 8 Weeks?

I had labiaplasty revision 8 weeks ago. Skin was taken off the lower part of the clitoral hood, and near the perineal area where the labia minora join at the bottom. Chromic... READ MORE

Is There Anyone in the Toronto Area Who is Skilled in Labiaplasty Revision Surgery?

I would like a revision and would like to find someone in the Toronto area who is skilled at labiaplasty revision. READ MORE

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You said the ruptured implant showed signs of CF.. what does CF stand for? Capsule formation? Are you referring to capsular contraction. READ COMMENT

Your result is very beautiful and natural looking! :) I'm surprised because usually when there is so little breast tissue, surgeons recommend placing the implant under the chest muscle. What made you decide to have the implant placed... READ COMMENT

You are not happy with the outcome after the revision this year? Who is the surgeon that did the revision? READ COMMENT

Congrads on your experience! I've seen Dr. Gerbers work and he generally does a decent job with the trim method. Let us know how it goes with getting the bumps removed and smoothing the edges. I would really like to know how talented... READ COMMENT

Hey copper, sorry to hear this happened to you :(. I agree with everything loulou said. You aren't alone and we definitely understand how you feel. This is a great website for connecting with people who understand what you're going... READ COMMENT