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Ok thanks! Surgery is at the end of this week! so excited yet soooooo nervous READ COMMENT

Thanks so much for your answer Sarah! I hope I get a speedy recovery like you will minimal swelling, lol READ COMMENT

Hey Sarah, to start off I love your results you look absolutely beautiful. Very natural outcome. I wanted to ask if ur scar is still there? It looks like its gone in the last pic. Also did u get a nostril reduction? I'm getting surgery... READ COMMENT

Thanks so much for the info! He's also making incisions on the sides of my nostrils too so was a little confused on how those would look, specially at the beginning. But a shot of the collumella would be great if that isn't any trouble... READ COMMENT

Hey! i was wondering after surgery with Dr. Shah was there any scarring? I'm scheduled end of March with him and this is the only thing setting me back a little bit? Btw you look great! Ur new nose looks fantastic. READ COMMENT