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Can Ears Be Lifted Up Slightly and Pinned Back?

Hi i was wondering if ears can be lifted vertically (about 10mm) so that they level with the nose? i.e my nose from top to bottom is parallel to my ears if you draw a line... READ MORE

Question About Buccal Fat Removal?

Hi i was looking to get buccal fat removal on my cheeks for a slimmer face, but one side of my face is thinner than the other. in fact, this is not a slight problem because the... READ MORE

Is There a Way to Actually Change the Lip Shape?

Hi i'm just curious about changing the shape of my upper lip. i always see lip enhancement as in making the lips bigger or a lip lift which is lifting it up, but never changing... READ MORE

Can I Get my Whole Body Lasered? Skin is Really Patchy and Bumpy.

I'm just wondering if i could get my whole body lasered as i am quite embarrassed by the small goosebumps i have all over me, my skin is really bumpy and patchy and i hoped a... READ MORE

My Jaw is in an Unusual Position, Does It Need to Be Pushed Forward from the Back? (Photo)

I've been looking at before and after pictures online of people who have had jaw surgery, and i've never seen anyone with my jaw! i think a chin implant wont make an... READ MORE

What Can I Do if my Eyes and Eyebows Are Too Close Together? (Photo)

I know this is in the brow lift section, but i do not want to make my brows higher. I find there is no space between my eyebrows, the head of my eyebrows are close to my nose... READ MORE

I'm 17 but my Eyes Look Like I'm 40+, What Can Be Done About Them? (photo)

I have tired looking eyes, they droop every single day, I dont feel tired, my eyes just look like this. I also have a really narrow forehead with temple hollows which is... READ MORE

My eyes slope into my nasal area? How can surgery bring them forward? (photo)

My eyes are sunken in from the corners; they go deep into the nose area, its hard to explain without photos, but it would be hard to tell in pictures. You can see it more when... READ MORE