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Choose You Doctor Very Carefully! - Beverly Hills, CA

A lip lift can make a HUGE difference in your appearance but it can also ruin it. I did end up with a small scar around both nostrils but more noticeable on one side. Remember that this is still surgery and sometimes you have you trade something to get something back, in my case it is a small scar, so communication is key. The slight scar bothers me a little but nobody has ever commented on... READ MORE

Truly Gifted Surgeon and Wonderfull Staff! - Beverly Hills, CA

I had the ptosis surgery to look more refreshed and less "sad and tired" READ MORE

EXCELLENT Doctor and Staff! Simply THE BEST - Beverly Hills, CA

I have had many things done by Dr H. Juvederm for my brow ridge, Botox to my forehead, ptosis repair etc however this menu only allows one choice so I chose ear surgery because that made the most difference for me, I did it to make my ears smaller and more symetrical. GREAT RESULT! READ MORE

Silicone Removal from Lower Lip - Sherman Oaks, CA

To remove silicone that was injected into my lower lip. READ MORE

Worth It! BUT Expensive As Heck! - Los Angeles, CA

Had a nose job done by a Dr who did not listen to what I wanted and ended up with a nose that was too small for my face, at least the bridge part. Had Radiesse put in and I LOOOVED the result but not loving the price, it only lasted 7 months so for $1,000 I was expecting more longevity to the result, but while it lasted it looked GREAT! Didnt really hurt much at all and was done in about 15... READ MORE

GREAT for Acne! - Salicylic Peel

Great result for acne and rough texture! I don't have much acne anymore since I started doing these peels and I used to have cystic acne (the ones that hurt!) and these peels done every 3-5 months have kept me clear! Note of caution: I would not recommend having them more often that every few months because of the risk of developing broken capillaries, which I learned the hard way,... READ MORE

Botox - Nice Result, Look Rested Yet Very Natural! - Los Angeles, CA

I was always wary of trying Botox for fear of looking "frozen" or artificial, however my injector knows EXACTLY what she is doing. As am man the last thing I want to look like is "done", however my injector did an AMAZING job on my brow and frown lines, I expained to her what it was that was bothering me and she gave me the EXACT result I wanted. I dont have very many... READ MORE

no way!! stay away from this stuff!! - Los Angeles, CA

I went to Clinic Esthetica in Tijuana Mexico to have this done and the results were great until 3 years after, then I started to get lumping and migration! Clinic Esthetica did nothing to help me or and of my 3 other friends that had this done with the same clinic! I would BEG everyone to stay away from this product REGARDLESS of where you get it done. I have had 2 extractions and my Dr was... READ MORE

Questions from markychv

Can Ulthera Be Done Under General or Twilight Anesthesia?

I have a couple of friends of mine, both male, who have undergone treatment with Ulthera. Both of these gentlemen were very pleased with their results however both men have... READ MORE

Is Zeltiq Just As Effective As Liposuction?

I am a 41 year old male who exercises regularly however I cannot get rid of my love handles and muffin top. I am not a wealthy person so I have been saving to have either... READ MORE

Does Zeltiq Tighten the Skin While Reducing the Fat?

I have been in the market for liposuction for limited fat bulges around my waist and have done quite a bit of research. I have two friends that did Zeltiq and three that had... READ MORE

Botox for Excessive Foot Sweating?

Luckily I have never had this problem, but for both our sake I am asking for my partner who does, he has a severe sweating problem that seems to be localized to his feet, the... READ MORE

Liposuction Dangers .. and How to Avoid? (photo)

I'm a 41 year old male and have given up hope that I will ever be able to get rid of my love handles with diet and exercise, I go to the gym 4 days a week and eat healthy.... READ MORE

Fat Transfer Removal From Cheeks And Jaw, is It Possible?

Hello, 41 year old male here that had fat transferred to cheeks and jaw area, I never liked the results but lived with it, however as I get older my face looks worse, it is as... READ MORE

Groupon for Botox by a Licensed PA, Asking for Trouble? Bad Idea?

I just recently was alerted for a Groupon for 20 units of Botox or 50 units of Dysport for $149.00. Considering the cost of Botox and Dr's fee, not to mention that Groupon... READ MORE

No Results One Month After Zeltiq, Too Soon to Worry?

I am a 41 year old male who is normal weight and height 5'8 165 pounds however I have had these stubborn areas of my flanks and upper abdomen that do not respond to diet... READ MORE

Coolsculpting Costs...Who Sets the Price?

Had Coolsculpting done and blown away by the price my Dr was charging! If this is being touted as an alternative to lipo then why is the cost almost the same? Two large areas @... READ MORE

Recent comments from markychv

Did I forget to mention that he is extremely easy on the eyes?! LOL READ COMMENT

I have to admit that I am guilty of being to hasty with my original review, I really did not give Dr Haworth a chance to revise my nose or at least see him to voice my concerns. I finally did go see him recently and we decided on a... READ COMMENT

Perhaps I was a little "gun happy" with my response and the moderator went and deleted my post so Im sure that made you and them happy, however my reasoning is justified due to the fact that I know of SEVERAL, not one or two but SEVERAL... READ COMMENT

Yes it looks exacly the same after 7 months - my doctor was Dr Randal Haworth in Beverly Hills. I liked the result but for $1000.00 in this economy I am saving for a revision. plus - even though I liked the result I would never go to... READ COMMENT

I can see a difference, however the before and after pics are disingenuous. The before pics was taken with cool lighting and the after with more warm lighting thus creating a tan effect. Tan always makes one look slimmer so you should... READ COMMENT