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Pixel Laser Today. Is This Type of Pain Normal?

I had this done today. The first few seconds it felt like a thin rubber band hit onto my face, then I thought oh this is not too bad, then shortly afterward I start feeling the... READ MORE

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Hi Ladies Man, What skin type do you have. I am also asian and I think mine is skin type 4. I have olive tone to my skin, so they did my pixel at 400. I read other people had it done at setting 1000. Did you get bumps on your... READ COMMENT

What was the setting they did on your face. I had my done on Jan 24, 2013. They had the setting at 400 cuz I am skin type 4. I am not seeing good results and this is my 1st pixel. They recommended that I do 4 of them to get the... READ COMMENT

I had mine done on this past Thursday Jan 24, 2013. My face had almost completely shed, but there are still brown skin here and there that has not shed yet. This is my 3rd complete day (24 hrs clock time I went by) and I washed my face... READ COMMENT

Your setting at 1000??? Gee, I was in severe pain at 400 with numbing creme on my face for 15 minutes cuz they were running behind scheudle. I was there at the office 20 minutes before my appointment. This is my 3rd day and I kept... READ COMMENT

I had mine done on past Thursday Jan 24. It hurt really badly. I felt like I am on fire cuz the nurse either didn't care or forgot to give me the cooler to blast the cool air on my face. This is the worst pain I ever got. I had a peel... READ COMMENT